12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 10:21 am
By:James Fraser

Cars need gas to run, and millions of people around the world need coffee to function properly! Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano - whatever their names are, at the end of the day, all of them carry a much-needed elixir to run the modern humankind, which is called COFFEE. Coffee is inarguably one of the most aromatic and tastiest drinks humans have ever prepared. If you are a coffee lover, these 12 hilarious coffee memes sum up what a cup of joe really means to you! 
10.I Need Coffee Now!!!

This is exactly what we are talking now. Too much coffee leads to caffeine dependency, and people find it extremely difficult to function normally without sipping coffee now and then. All the irritation, grogginess, etc. that we usually experience when we don't drink coffee is actually our body's response to caffeine deprivation. As said earlier, too much of anything is bad for health, be it coffee or alcohol. 

I Need Coffee Now!!!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

11.Coffee In The Afternoon Be Like

"Getting coffee in the afternoon is like eating that mushroom makes you big in Super Mario!" 
Technically, a person's energy levels should be at the maximum during the noon, but many of us find it the exact opposite! Things like the internet, social networking, smartphones, etc. have been spoiling our good night sleep. Most people aren't getting the minimum seven to eight-hour sleep a day, and as a result, they tend to feel very sleepy in the afternoon. Glad, we have coffee, and that's the best medicine to beat a sleepy noon!

Coffee In The Afternoon Be Like-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

12.I Want Coffee Now!

What about blue meth, Mr. Saul Goodman? Will that work for you?! Much to his disappointment, there aren't any good baristas in "Breaking Bad" or even "Better Call Saul." Walter White and Jesse are good at making meth; Gus Fring makes terrific fried chicken, and the show's drama queen, Skyler White, is a good hand at preparing breakfast! In fact, her breakfast is so damn good that you don't see Walter White Jr doing anything other than eating breakfast!

I Want Coffee Now!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day