12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 10:21 am
By:James Fraser

Cars need gas to run, and millions of people around the world need coffee to function properly! Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano - whatever their names are, at the end of the day, all of them carry a much-needed elixir to run the modern humankind, which is called COFFEE. Coffee is inarguably one of the most aromatic and tastiest drinks humans have ever prepared. If you are a coffee lover, these 12 hilarious coffee memes sum up what a cup of joe really means to you! 
7.Did You Forget The Coffee?

That's exactly how a coffee freak behaves if they don't get their hands on a cup, full of espresso or latte. We all have that one person in our families who can't survive without coffee, and they just look like this dog if they are deprived of a cup of joe. That's caffeine addiction, and beating it is tough. Withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, headache, anxiety, rage, etc. begin to kick in within a couple of hours after missing a dose of coffee. 

Did You Forget The Coffee?-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day


As a coffee enthusiast, sometimes, you may wonder how millions of people wake up, work, and function efficiently throughout the day despite not drinking coffee. That looks very weird to coffee lovers, just as this meme says! Remember, not all the people on Earth drink coffee, but a lot of them have alternative lifestyle habits such as drinking tea, sodas, etc. to pump up caffeine levels in their bodies!

Really?!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day

9.Some Wise Words!

A healthy individual should drink no more than two to three cups of coffee a day considering the fact each cup of coffee has a caffeine count of somewhere between 120 mg to 150 mg. Permissible intake of caffeine per day is 500 mg, and anything beyond that leads to health problems in the future. As this meme illustrates, one must drink not only coffee but also vodka or any other alcoholic beverage conservatively. 

Some Wise Words!-12 Funny Coffee Memes That Will Make Your Day