12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:19 am
By:James Fraser

Bruce Wayne, Batman, The Dark Night, The Caped Crusader, call him by whatever name you want to call, and he will be there in no time to deliver JUSTICE! Batman is nowhere near other DC superheroes when it comes to having magical powers, and yet, he is one of the most famous superheroes the comic world has ever seen. Batman's immense popularity has spawned unnumbered fanfiction stories, jokes, and puns over the years. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the meme culture in last decade or so, we now have loads of Batman memes as well! Have a look at these 12 hilarious Batman Memes that show the lighter side of the Dark Knight! 
1.Batman Indeed Kicks Asses!

Batman is a genius, and no other superhero in DC Universe is as smart as he is. Bruce Wayne is an amazing strategist, and it is practically impossible for his foes to trick or fool him. The Dark Knight is a human superman, so he lacks many superhuman features that the other DC stars like Superman have. Despite that, Batman sends chills down the spines of not only his enemies but also anyone who tries to mess with him. Predictably, he only kicks ass and kicks it hard because he vowed to himself not to kill anyone, including Joker who gave him so much pain and put him through a lot of troubles.

Batman Indeed Kicks Asses!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

2.Farts Take A While To Escape A Rubber Suit!

That's a definite drawback of those superhero suits! Since Batman is a human superhero, and as he has all the bodily functions that are same as a typical human being, it's hard to assume that he never farts! He indeed farts, and man, the farts do take a lot of time to escape the suit unless his suit has holes just at the right place that let the rotten digestive gasses escape out! Well, many of us know what it feels like to have a fart trapped between butt cheeks! 

Farts Take A While To Escape A Rubber Suit!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

3.This Batman Fan!

This meme describes an average Batman fan and their wish to become a Batman, humorously! There's a famous saying that tells people to dress for the job they want, not for the job they already have. The real meaning of the saying is that people need to dress extremely well for work. Anyone who takes the message literally may end up like this person who went to the work, wearing a Batsuit! Well, who doesn't want to become a superhero like Batman?! He is smart, wealthy, and looks good!

This Batman Fan!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

4.Tell Me, Do You Bleed?

Most memes and jokes about Batman discuss his tragic death of parents. As said earlier, Batman is a smart, handsome, and rich guy with incredibly cool gadgets and powerful weapons! He scares the life out of his enemies with his sheer looks, and he's just that kind of guy who always appears as if no problem can shake him up! However, one thing in Batman's life that he can't forget is the brutal murder of his parents, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, right in front of his eyes.

Tell Me, Do You Bleed?-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

5.Batman Never Kills!

What if Batman killed Joker and other evil in Gotham City? The city would be much safer, and Batman didn't have to lose many people whom he loved. Batman is against homicide from the very beginning of his life. He is all about justice, not vengeance. He believes that killing people, even though they are criminals, just makes him yet another criminal. Batman absolutely hates crime, and that is the reason why he doesn't prefer killing even those who trouble him.  

Batman Never Kills!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

6.That's My Golf Car!

That Batman-themed golf cart looks very cool, isn't it? Batman surely loves to have one like that in his fleet of automobiles. It neither looks as cool as the Batmobile nor can unleash lethal weapons, but looks good enough and should work fine when Batman wants to take a casual ride through the streets of Gotham City! The black golf cart seems to be the result of a Batman fan's hard work, so let's appreciate their effort! 

That's My Golf Car!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

7.Catwoman Is On Her Period!

Catwoman is Batman's love interest, and this meme is poking fun at their relationship! If you wonder how Joker got his red scars, you have the answer here! Apparently, he says he has eaten out Catwoman while she is on her period! That's a hilarious joke, but the real reason why Joker got those scars is still under debate. Those big red scars set Joker apart from other supervillains, but his appearance, with respect to those scars, keeps changing. The Joker in "Suicide Squad," portrayed by Jared Leto, doesn't have those scars.

Catwoman Is On Her Period!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol


8.What Does Batman Put In His Drink?

Joker's tears? Catwoman's love? No, no, he puts JUST ICE! Well, this meme is making fun of Batman for his obsession with justice. As said earlier, Batman is a lot different to other superheroes in the comic world. He is a mastermind, and he doesn't possess supernatural powers as someone like Superman does. The DC writers strategically portray Batman as peace-loving and justice-mongering guy because he can't be at fight round the clock, given the fact he needs weeks or even months to recover from a major injury. Exactly, it is the reason why Batman seems to be a bad fit in the Justice League.

What Does Batman Put In His Drink?-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

9.Sorry, We Are Out Of Black Paint

The real reason why Batman chooses his stuff to be dark is he wants to inflict fear upon his enemies with his appearance. His bat persona is a major part of his characterization, without which his foes are less likely to fear him. As Batman is a human superhero, he needs to look as different as he can to create an identity for him. Batman without his iconic Batsuit is just like Albert Einstein trying to fight enemies! Bruce Wayne is a genius, and geniuses don't scare or impress people unless they choose to look cool and classy!

Sorry, We Are Out Of Black Paint-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol


10.Batman Slapping Robin, Finally!

"Batman Slapping Robin" is a popular internet meme that people use to shut down stupid, immature, and annoying people. Apparently, a random guy says he hates his parents for not buying them the things he wanted. He posted that on his Facebook using an expensive Apple device, which makes it clear that his parents indeed buy him pricey things. That's a well-deserved slap, isn't it? People need to be thankful for what they have. Remember, millions around the world struggle extremely hard for their daily bread, while spoiled brats like these yell at their parents for stupid reasons. 

Batman Slapping Robin, Finally!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

11.Sorry, Batman Can't Fly!

Like Batman, Iron Man is a human superhero too. However, he makes his own armored suits that let him fly. Why can't Batman make one for him? Batman does own some specialty vehicles like launchers, rockets, etc. that let him fly, but we still don't see him riding them often. From comic book writers' perspective, every superhero needs to be different, and in the Batman's case, he is different from an average DC or Marvel superhero because he doesn't have superhuman abilities like them. 

Sorry, Batman Can't Fly!-12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol

12.This Funny Batman Comparison!

The way Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were morphed to look like Joker and Harley Quinn was hilarious! In 2016 Presidential Election, we saw millions supporting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but what many of us might have missed noticing was the considerable percentage of the population who hated both. Hillary Clinton proved to be a bad pick, as her controversies regarding private email server and other issues cost Dems what seemed to be a third win in a row. Many leading media houses claimed that Bernie Sanders could have beaten Donald Trump easily

This Funny Batman Comparison! -12 Funny Batman Memes That Will Make You Lol



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