12 Funny Anime Memes That Are Sure To Make You Warai

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021, 11:07 am
By:James Fraser

We heard you like anime, so we created a list of our favorite anime memes exclusively for you! Anime is fun. Anime is life. If you can relate yourself to these slogans, you are going to love the following anime memes! People are creating and sharing hundreds of thousands of memes online every day, and it's time, we, the anime fans, do it as well. What you are about to see are some hilarious and, of course, thought-provoking anime memes. Don't forget to let anime/manga fans in your social networking accounts know about this topic. Sharing is caring!
7.Everything Is Gonna Be Daijoubu!

That's Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and if you are wondering what he's doing here on the topic, keep reading. We want you to focus on that word "Daijoubu," not the picture of Shaggy. The term "Daijoubu" loosely translates to "it's okay," "it's fine," "I'm all right," "I'm okay," "everything's fine," etc. in the Japanese language. It's a polite way to answer questions like, "how are you?" The anime fandom has been using this catchphrase for several years, but it is using the sentence completely wrong. The meme actually means, "Everything is gonna be - I'm okay," or "Everything is gonna be - I'm fine!" Is that making any sense?

Everything Is Gonna Be Daijoubu!-12 Funny Anime Memes That Are Sure To Make You Warai

8.This Hilarious DBZ Meme

There's a 9-minute video on YouTube that shows numerous deaths of Krillin! He died nearly half a dozen times in the entire Dragon Ball Z series. People often talk about Krillin's death and revivals, but they keep forgetting the fact that the other characters of DBZ like Goku and Yamcha died a few times like Krillin. What makes this DBZ meme funny is that hilarious morphing of Krillin's face into the Jonathan Goldsmith's face! If you are a DBZ fan like us then do check out these amazing Dragon Ball Z cosplays.

This Hilarious DBZ Meme-12 Funny Anime Memes That Are Sure To Make You Warai

9.You Are Not Alone, Kuroyukihime!

Hey, any "Accel World" fans here? Here's Kuroyukihime expressing what an average Internet user feels! We know there were times when you badly wanted to punch those annoying people over the web, but couldn't because, unfortunately, life wasn't simply as cool as an anime! Let's hope someone invents something like "Accel World's" "Brain Burst" program that lets us fight people over the internet!

You Are Not Alone, Kuroyukihime!-12 Funny Anime Memes That Are Sure To Make You Warai