12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:49 am
By:Tony Williams

Occasionally, newspaper headlines catch our attention for wrong reasons. Sometimes, it can be a spelling mistake. At times, it is the result of a writer or editor's sarcasm and sense of humor. Publications spend huge amount of time in creating attention-grabbing titles. It is not an easy job, and a lot of factors influence it. If we had written an article on Anthony Weiner's life, we would have surely named it "The Rise and Fall of Weiner"! How often do you see a politician named Wiener involving in a sex scandal? Well, that is not going to happen every day! Have a look at 12 funniest and punniest newspaper headlines that are sure to crack you up!
1.Homeless Survive Winter: Now What?

How do you read the news headline in the picture? We can instantly sense the disappointment, right? Damn, the winter didn't kill them! Now, what? How are we going to kill them?!  Although the writer seems to be empathic towards homeless, the headline just killed the seriousness of the article. Nonetheless, the title is hilarious! This article with this funny news headline was published on the front page of The Sacramento Bee on April 6, 2011.

Homeless Survive Winter: Now What?-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

2.Just too much

The person that was responsible for this headline really could have done a far better job of it because this does just conjure up images that have nothing whatsoever to do with Blackberry. OK it gets the point across, but at the same time you do have to question the use of the word jobs in this context?

Just too much-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

3.Well I never

You do get the feeling that when they were making up this headline that they believed it was the greatest headline in the history of mankind, when in actual fact it is just silly and is something for us all to laugh at. Perhaps the person behind it thought they had some revelation?

Well I never-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

4.Seems apt

This does seem quite apt that they are sent to a joint committee although what they end up doing there is going to be something that we will never find out about and perhaps that is a good thing. You do get an image of them all around a table completely stoned, so hopefully they will still get some work done.

Seems apt-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

5.Poor wang

This headline really does just speak for itself and you will wonder how you have never seen something like this in baseball before. They really should have put some thought into it before it went into print because this is the kind of headline you can never take back and it is now saved for eternity.

Poor wang-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

6.Poor kitten

OK the headline may not have any puns in it, but that does not matter because it is still one of those things where you cannot help but laugh at it. The idea of a kitten going missing under her does make you feel sorry for the kitten, but at the same time it is still a hilarious headline.

Poor kitten-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

7.Poor guy

They say that size does not matter, and clearly it does not matter here either. As if being arrested was not bad enough they then have to go on and describe how he just has a small package in his undies in order to complete the shame that he is feeling at this moment in time.

Poor guy-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

8.Too excited?

Wow clearly somebody was getting too excited at a game of basketball if this is what they resorted to. Surely if you are having to use this name you would be extra careful with the word that immediately follows Jacks because that is not going to go down too well with your readers.

Too excited?-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

9.Bad spelling

This is something where you just look at it and cannot believe how stupid the editor must have been in order to allow this headline to pass. If you are doing a story about literacy, then the least you can do is make sure that there are no blatant errors in your story like this one.

Bad spelling-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

10.porn star

The part that is funny about this is the actual irony of the headline considering the job that the person does even though it is nothing to do with having sex. Surely they could have worded it better than this? Or did they do it on purpose just to kind of make a point?

porn star-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

11.Just Wow

This is the kind of headline you expect from this newspaper in the UK and of course they are just playing on words when Elton John was getting married. It is actually quite clever, but at the same time is also slightly like schoolboy humor.

Just Wow-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written

12.One arm?

This headline really is so funny just because of what it is about and you get this image of a one armed man trying to work out how he is going to applaud them. Ok we know he will have a false arm or something, but that just spoils the mental images you will be conjuring up right now.

One arm?-12 Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Written



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