12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

Why girls tend to be so choosy even when they buy panties? It's just an undergarment, right? Not many people are going to see it either! Men, on the other hand, care only about the size while buying a boxer or a brief. According to this report published by NBC News, an average man changes his brief once in seven years. Yes, SEVEN long years! We know girls are very selective, and we really don't have a problem with that! In fact, we are here to give them panty-buying advice by showing these 12 funny and geeky panties!
1.Truly Geeky Panties

Let's begin this list with this geeky panties! The panties are indeed very creative, and perfectly suit any girl who has restricted access to her body and wants to keep unwanted admirers at bay!  Apparently, the text on the panties reads as "Unobtainium". It is a fictional element created by engineering geeks to refer an extremely rare, pricey, or imaginary element. Unobtainium is something the geeks can't obtain because of the factors mentioned above. In addition to panties, the word is commonly seen on t-shirts as well.

Truly Geeky Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

2.Dr. Who Panties

The Tardis pictures on the panties straight away give us an impression that the undergarment is paying homage to Dr. Who. The panties look good with all those lovely ribbons and stuff, but boy, what the Tardis pictures on it actually mean? As you may know, Tardis is a fictional time machine and spacecraft, which looks like a London police box from outside, but has an implausibly bigger space inside. Now, you draw your conclusion on what it may mean to have Tardis pictures printed on a girl's undergarment!

Dr. Who Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

3.Star Trek

These panties have the be the ultimate pair to buy if you are a Trekkie. Imagine turning up at one of their conventions hoping to have a good time and meeting somebody you like and revealing these. That will surely be far too much for them to deal with and they will be hoping that they too can be beamed up.

Star Trek-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

4.May the force be with you

Yes you are seeing right, these are Star Wars inspired panties, so they are perfect for a geek. There are so many jokes that you could actually use when wearing these, but from the size of them they are certainly not for somebody like Jabba the Hut.

May the force be with you-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

5.Chemically enhanced

Yes there is nothing geekier than having a pair of panties that appears to use part of the Periodic Table in order to get its message across. You just envisage the wearer having thick black rimmed glasses being very shy, but then it does say Wise Ass, so perhaps they are not as bad as you think.

Chemically enhanced-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

6.403 Forbidden Panties

Imagine getting this far and then realizing that you have a 403 error and that the game is over. This is one sure fire way of getting your point across without actually having to say anything, but perhaps just another approach is required to get past this barrier.

403 Forbidden Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

7.Slide To Unlock Panties

These panties are quite clever even though they are slightly geeky in nature. The slide to unlock comment is cool and at least you are going to have some fun checking out what is revealed if your sliding action is up to scratch.

Slide To Unlock Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made


8.Password Protected Panties

At least with this girl all you need to do is know the username and password and everything is unlocked. This should mean that you are at least in with a chance, but you know the password won't be 12345.

Password Protected Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

9.That wizard

OK having a character from quite a geeky movie on your panties is undoubtedly geeky in itself, but sadly with this example the warning that is on there is also rather off-putting. At least all she has to do in order to let you know what is going on is to turn around and get you to read it.

That wizard-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

10.Requested Entity Too Large Panties

This is the kind of thing where guys would be proud if it was the truth, but in all honesty they are probably going to realize that this is some kind of mistake. If she is wearing these, then you better hope that you do not have a floppy disk.

Requested Entity Too Large Panties-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

11.Damn computer!

Just your luck, you find a girl you like, she seems interested in you, but then she asks her computer what it thinks and BANG your luck is out. Why is technology such a pain at times?

Damn computer!-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

12.A warning

At least with these panties you are getting a warning even if they are quite geeky in nature. If they are indeed going to blog about it, then you will be hoping that you have done your part to the best of your ability or there may be trouble ahead.

A warning-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made



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