12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

Why girls tend to be so choosy even when they buy panties? It's just an undergarment, right? Not many people are going to see it either! Men, on the other hand, care only about the size while buying a boxer or a brief. According to this report published by NBC News, an average man changes his brief once in seven years. Yes, SEVEN long years! We know girls are very selective, and we really don't have a problem with that! In fact, we are here to give them panty-buying advice by showing these 12 funny and geeky panties!

#4 That Wizard

OK having a character from quite a geeky movie on your panties is undoubtedly geeky in itself, but sadly with this example the warning that is on there is also rather off-putting. At least all she has to do in order to let you know what is going on is to turn around and get you to read it.

That Wizard-12 Funniest Geeky Panties Ever Made