12 Funniest Break-up Lines Ever

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 7:27 am
By:Tony Williams

Break-ups are bad. They just make things horrible, and even hit people out of their comfort zone, crippling their lives. They are much worse when only one partner wants to part ways and the other does not. It's a tricky situation to handle. Most people find it extremely difficult to break the ice and let their partner know that they want to put an end to the relationship. In such situations, the leaving partner wants to give hints to their partners indicating them that the time has finally arrived to let them go. Read these 12 hilarious break-up lines that people sent to their partners to their relationship in a humorous way.

#9 Ugh! Wrong Turn

Be careful what you wish for. More importantly make sure you and your passion have the same goals before you blurt them out. This one is funny because of the two people in the relationship having two completely different ideas of what is going on.

Ugh! Wrong Turn-12 Funniest Break-up Lines Ever