12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:50 am
By:Tony Williams

You see a lot of all ill-matched couples on TV shows, particularly sitcoms. Don't you? It has become a kind of tradition that at least one couple on a show should look awkward, with the wife being skinny and smoking-hot, and husband looking like a blobfish! Think of any popular sitcom wife, and we bet she looks gorgeous! We also bet she has a fat or ugly guy as a husband. It seems like the society, media or people find it acceptable for a fat guy to be in the lead role, but not a fat woman to play the same! How often do you see fat women in TV shows, playing lead or serious roles? The ill-matched couples are not just limited to live-action sitcoms; you can find them even on animated shows! Let's not go deeper into the subject, but quickly check these 12 greatest fat guys - hot wife couples on TV shows. 
1.Carl & Harriette Winslow - Family Matters

In 1989, the world was taken over by Steve Urkel, a geeky nerd played by Jaleel White, on the hit show, Family Matters. He was in love with his neighbor, Laura Winslow and was frequently at the home of the Winslows. The Winslow family was headed by an overweight cop, Carl Winslow, played by Reginald VelJohnson, and his stern but loving wife, Harriette Winslow, played by JoMarie Payton. Carl's mother lived there, and so did Harriette's sister.
Carl and Harriette Winslow were show's lead couple. Carl was a tough cop, but definitely wasn't one of those fit-looking men. He was a fat man. His wife wasn't that fat though. 

Carl & Harriette Winslow - Family Matters-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

2.Bill & Judy Miller - Still Standing

Still Standing is one of the best modern sitcoms. The TV series highlights the life of a working class couple Bill & Judy Miller. Bill Miller is a salesperson at a toilet store. Judy is a dental assistant. The couple were high school sweethearts. Together, they have three children.   
Bill Miller is a fat guy. He is neither a handsome guy nor has a smart mind. However, he woos and lures Judy into marrying him. Judy, on the other hand, is a beautiful woman. People received the show well, but a few people complained that the makers of the show were trying to make fat men more acceptable in the society, but not fat women. 
Mark Addy and Jami Gertz played the Bill and Judy Miller characters respectively.  

Bill & Judy Miller - Still Standing-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

3.Harry & Charlotte Goldenblatt - sex And The City

This pair is another good example of ill-matched pairs on TV series. Harry and Charlotte Goldenblatt are a prominent couple from the Sex and the City TV series. The couple is little weird for many reasons. Their love story is cute, though. Harry Goldenblatt is a weird-looking fat guy with a bald head. He looks little gross. Hey, we aren't saying this! Charlotte York (Goldenblatt) said this on many occasions on the show. 
Harry wasn't an upper-class socialite like Charlotte's first husband, but she still fell for him. When he walks around her apartment naked and sits on her white sofa, we think it may not work, but it does, and they end up marrying each other! In fact, she loved him so much that she converted into Harry's religion to marry him. 
Kristine Davis played the Charlotte Goldenblatt role, and Even Handler played the Harry Goldenblatt role. 

Harry & Charlotte Goldenblatt - sex And The City-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

4.Archie & Edith Bunker - All In The Family

Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton played the Archie and Edith Bunker in the hit sitcom of the 70's, "All In The Family." She was a stay at home wife and mother of a grown up daughter, Gloria Stivic, and he was a bigoted, working class stiff. Throw in Rob Reiner as Archie's son in law, Mike Stivic and you've got belly laughs that just won't quit.

Archie & Edith Bunker - All In The Family-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

5.Homer And Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

Homer Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons. Homer is married to Marge Simpson, and they have two kids. Due to the huge fan following, this animated comedy series is running for more than 2 and a half decades and still going strong. This show is another good example of the ill standard of fat man and slim wife on regular sitcoms. 

Homer And Marge Simpson - The Simpsons-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

6.Philip & Vivian Banks - Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Didn't everyone wish that Philip, played by James Avery, and Vivian Banks, played by Janet Hubert/Daphne Reid, were their aunt and uncle, who took them in and gave them an awesome life in Bel Air? Well, that's what happened to Will Smith's character Will Smith, when his mother sent him to live with the Banks family.

Philip & Vivian Banks - Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

7.Jerry & Gayle Gergich - Parks And Recreation

Jerry and Gayle Gergich from Parks and Recreation are among one of the most awkward and weird-looking couples on TV shows. Jerry Gergich is one of the known and popular faces of the Parks and Recreation TV show. He is an old man. He is fat, and looks ugly too (no offence to Jim O'Heir)!  
Jerry got a trophy wife on the show. Her name is Gayle Gergich. She made a few appearances on the show. Not only does she look hot, she is much younger to Jerry. No wonder people like Ben Wyatt are obsessed with her! 
Jim O'Heir played the Jerry Gergich role on the show. He is 54 years old. Christie Brinkley played the Gayle Gergich role. Well, she is 62 years old and pretty much older than Jim in real life!.

Jerry & Gayle Gergich - Parks And Recreation-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows


8.Doug & Carrie Heffernan - King Of Queens

Doug and Carrie Hefferman are the lead couple of the TV series The King of Queens. Doug Hefferman is an ordinary parcel delivery man. He is a simple and nice guy, and prefers watching sports and playing poker. His wife Carrie Hefferman is a secretary at a law firm. They are a married couple from the very beginning of the show. 
Doug is a fat guy. He's not particularly ugly but is a huge guy. The pair is clearly a mismatch, as Carrie Hefferman is a small and lovely woman. The show is heavily dependent on the appearance difference between the two characters. A good looking pair might not have delivered the humor like the couple did.
Kevin James and Leah Remini played Doug and Carrie Hefferman roles respectively. 

Doug & Carrie Heffernan - King Of Queens-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

9.Tony & Carmela Soprano - The Sopranos

Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini was lucky have his wife Carmela, played by Edie Falco, but he was the mob boss and power is attractive in many ways. The 1999 HBO drama ran for eight years revolving around the New Jersey mob boss and his personal as well as professional endeavors.

Tony & Carmela Soprano - The Sopranos-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows


10.Ralph & Alice Kramden - The Honeymooners

It is said that the Flintstones was modeled after Ralph and Alice Kramden, and they very well could be. Just look at them and you can see it. The Honeymooners was a hit sitcom in 1955, that starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden, a bus driver. Audrey Meadows played Alice Kramden, his doting wife. 

Ralph & Alice Kramden - The Honeymooners-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

11.Fred & Wilma Flintstone - Flintstones

Many animated TV series makers have followed the fat guy – hot chick trend. The pair Fred and Wilma Flintstones from the popular animated TV series The Flintstones is one such notable ill-matched pair.
Fred Flintstone is a caveman. He dresses and behaves like a caveman! He looks fat, and doesn't really look good enough even for cavemen standards! We expect cavemen to be fit, and look good! Fred isn't that kind, though. However, he still got a beautiful lady as his wife. Fred's Wife Wilma Flintstone looks slim and beautiful. The red-headed wife is a beauty with brains!

Fred & Wilma Flintstone - Flintstones-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows

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12.Peter & Louis Griffin - Family Guy

Peter and Lois Griffin are fictional characters on the hit animated television show, "Family Guy." Voice by Seth McFarland, the show creator, Peter is is fat and obnoxious, while Louis is thin, but not so attractive. The show is known for being controversial and taking on subjects that most shows would never touch. They hit on subjects in the current news, but with a hilarious take.

Peter & Louis Griffin - Family Guy-12 Greatest Fat Guy / Skinny Wife Couples On TV Shows



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