12 Offensive Memes That Will Make You Cry

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 2:02 pm
By:James Fraser

For some people, humor is an essential part of their lives, and they find it tough to spend a day without a heavy dose of laughter. Those humor-hungry souls explore jokes and memes every day to satiate their ever-burning desire to laugh. This topic is exclusively for such people, who don't mind their jokes to be a bit offensive and controversial. If you are one among them, check 12 offensive memes that are very funny. Hey, if you easily get offended by little things, you are not at the right place! These memes are hilarious, but please note that they are very offensive too. 
1.This Racist Meme

"You mean I don't have to pick it - And I can eat it?!"
It's a racist joke, and you are less likely to get if you are not an American. The cotton candy in the meme refers to cotton-picking, one of the primary jobs of black slaves during the yester centuries. During that era, White Europeans brought millions of African people to the United States and enforced them into slavery. The meme sounds very offensive, but the expression on the little kid's face is hilarious! Btw, do check out these Racist jokes if you liked this meme.

This Racist Meme-12 Offensive Memes That Will Make You Cry

2.This Religious Meme

"What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus? You can hang the picture with only one nail!" 
If you are a God-fearing person, your best course of action is to skip this meme and check another one! As you can see, the meme takes a dig at Jesus Christ's crucifixion. The Romans nailed him to the cross with four nails, two in his wrists, and two in his feet. They then pierced Christ's chest with Holy Lance, which makes the total injuries on Christ's body five. As you may know, all of them are collectively referred to as the Five Holy Wounds. All we need to hang a Jesus picture though is just one nail - that harms neither Jesus nor us!

This Religious Meme-12 Offensive Memes That Will Make You Cry

3.Steals All The Green Cards!

"Plays UNO - Steals all the Green Cards."
This meme surely makes you chuckle a bit. The "Juan" in the picture looks too innocent to be a controversial meme, but the joke, "Plays UNO - Steals all the green cards" is hilarious! Now that Donald Trump has taken charge as the President of the United States, this guy will feel happy if he doesn't get deported back to Mexico, let alone stealing a green card! Do check out our hilarious Mexican jokes in case you love Mexican stuff.

Steals All The Green Cards!-12 Offensive Memes That Will Make You Cry


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