Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

Monday, Jul 20, 2020, 4:00 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Sperm Brow

This woman's brows look like to sperm heading toward an egg. Which one will get there first, no one knows, but let's hope that she doesn't draw one reaching it and a baby coming out. What a crazy look for her, and yet she seems completey happy smiling and showing it off.

Sperm Brow-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

2.Dotted Tail

Truly ridiculous eyebrows, if you can call them that. All plucked and ready for the drawing, she starts out with could be a normal brow, but then it turns to dots. The two brows are not even with each other and the dots are too random. What look was she going for?

Dotted Tail-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

3.Bushy Brows

These eyebrows are truly horrifying. They almost don't even look like hair, but more like hay. Jutting otu from his face and almost covering his eye completey, who doesn't take a scissors to something like that. Seems he is pushing it to see how far he can take it with these brows.

Bushy Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

4.Caterpillar Brows

She tried to go for a look, but it was a big fail. The eyebrows are way too thick, way to high and way too dark. Matched with that blond hair and bright pink lipstick, she almost looks like a doll, a crazy doll, and maybe one from a horror movie. Pluck those things.

Caterpillar Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

5.Beyond The Unibrow

There are unibrows and there are unibrows, and then there is this unibrow. We can call it superunibrow. In fact the middle looks thicker than the two eyebrows. Hopefully, this was a photoshop fail and not a real eyebrow fail, because if so, this guy is in for a hard life. farouchefashion.blogspot.com

Beyond The Unibrow-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever


Now that is one scray eyebrow. I say eyebrow because there is no distinction between one and other. I can't even call it a unibrow because it looks more like a mustache over his eyes. He seems to enjoy the look, and maybe figures, if he can't fix it, why not have fun.

Wolfman-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever


Plucked or unplucked, these eyebrows are gross. Before, his eyes were overtake with hair and a giant unibrow, but now with the waxing he looks more feminine but still with busy brows. It seems hard for a man to groom their brows without it looking strange. If you're a man born bushy, there may be no help.

Unibrow-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

8.Painted On

If you're going to pluck all your eyebrows off, it's usually because they are not growing at the angle you want them. But to then paint on two straigh lines as your new eyebrows is just crazy. Looks like she thought this was funny, and was trying to look like an emoticon.

Painted On-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

9.Dotted Brows

This whole look is disgusting to some, but appealing to others. Plucking your entire eyebrows off and then painting them on with just a few dots may look okay with this whole made up face, but what about when she is going out for a run, or just waking up. Screeeeam.

Dotted Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

10.Devil Brows

Looking like a little version of Khloe Kardashian, these eyebrows are very scary. Little or not, she looks like a crazed demon with those painted on brows. She might want to pluck her real brows better since we can still see them, and maybe she needs a few more piercings.

Devil Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

11.Glitter Brows

These are brows you could only get away with wearing at a fashion show. Glitter applied to thick brows on a model's face look weird enough, but if you wore these walking down the street, it would be a total disaster. We have to wonder if it hurts when she raises her eyebrows.

Glitter Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

12.Too Thick

We have to wonder what some people are thinking when they look in the mirror. Sometimes thick eyebrows can be pretty and even sexy, but not when they're painted on so thick that they take up half your forehead. The pointed lines don't help either.

Too Thick-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever



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