Disgusting Eyebrows Ever

Monday, Jul 20, 2020, 4:00 pm
By:Tony Williams

4.Caterpillar Brows

She tried to go for a look, but it was a big fail. The eyebrows are way too thick, way to high and way too dark. Matched with that blond hair and bright pink lipstick, she almost looks like a doll, a crazy doll, and maybe one from a horror movie. Pluck those things.

Caterpillar Brows-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever
5.Beyond The Unibrow

There are unibrows and there are unibrows, and then there is this unibrow. We can call it superunibrow. In fact the middle looks thicker than the two eyebrows. Hopefully, this was a photoshop fail and not a real eyebrow fail, because if so, this guy is in for a hard life. farouchefashion.blogspot.com

Beyond The Unibrow-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever


Now that is one scray eyebrow. I say eyebrow because there is no distinction between one and other. I can't even call it a unibrow because it looks more like a mustache over his eyes. He seems to enjoy the look, and maybe figures, if he can't fix it, why not have fun.

Wolfman-Disgusting Eyebrows Ever