12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 12:10 pm
By:James Fraser

Every person born on this planet goes through a depressive period at some point in their life. Sadly, depression has become an integral part of our modern lives. How many times you woke up in despair, spent the entire day as a dysfunctional human being, and went back to sleep feeling empty? Admit it; we all had those bad days. This topic is a humorous recap of those episodes of depression. Trust us; these 12 depression memes are funnier than what you may think! 
10.Security Questions!

Where was your first job? Oh, well, I don't have a job yet! 
In which city were you first kissed? Oops, I never had a partner in my life! 
What is your best friend's name? Um, I don't have any best friends! 
What was the first car you owned? Car? Please read the first answer!  
Let's hope this security questionnaire was not present on depression or self-help website! 

Security Questions!-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

11.I'm Super Depressed!

Depression is nothing but an individual's inability to stop their mind from constantly thinking about sad or unwanted things. As we said earlier, everyone suffers a bad phase, but most of them get over it eventually. People with clinical depression find it extremely hard to divert their mind from dark thoughts. If such kind of thought process continues for years, it is tough to get out of it completely. Depression ruins the career, life, and many things, so it needs to be dealt with extreme caution. 

I'm Super Depressed!-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny

12.A Text With No Reply!

Doctor: Can you show me where the pain is coming from? 
Me: Shows a text that has been seen with no reply! 
When a girl saw your message but didn't reply, it means she might be busy at that time that she couldn't reply. She might have wanted to respond to the message a few minutes later but forgot to do that. It also means you might be bugging her with messages way too often and she wanted to let you know her displeasure by not responding back. If your partner, crush, or just a random love interest repeatedly ignoring your messages, you need to understand that she doesn't like you at all. Is that clear?! 

A Text With No Reply!-12 Depression Memes That Are Actually Funny