Creepiest Kids Drawings

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 4:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mother Drawings

If you were this kids mother how would you feel after seeing your child's depiction of you? This poor mother is bent in half literally. Is it from all the stresses and strains of life? Or is it something more sinister?

Mother Drawings-Creepiest Kids Drawings

2.Sinister Clowns

One of the most prolific ph0bias is that of clowns. After seeing this kids drawing that ph0bia could become clearer to some. It would seem this clown has left a lasting creepy effect.

Sinister Clowns-Creepiest Kids Drawings

3.Keep A Lid On It

Depending how a parent feels it is probably better to tone it down a little at times regards noise. Kids have long ago thought that parents sexual endeavors are in fact wrestling matches. One wonders how the population continues to get bigger though.

Keep A Lid On It-Creepiest Kids Drawings


4.Pole dancer

Mothers and fathers should pay attention to what their kids see. Just because it isn't in a photograph doesn't mean it cannot go down in history!

Pole dancer-Creepiest Kids Drawings


Aside from the fantastic artistic ability this child has one wonders why? Perhaps it is better not to ask. I'm sure most parents would sleep with their door locked once seeing this lot and would also be contacting their doctor to get some help.

Horror-Creepiest Kids Drawings


If anybody sees a Leprechaun please give him a heads up. This kid not only hunts them but hunts to kill. One redeeming feature is that the guy with the walking stick on the left looks suitably shocked by it all.

Leprechauns-Creepiest Kids Drawings

7.The Crazy Mind

Sometimes it is just the way a kid sees life. These giraffes are not only 'getting it on' but appear to have grown some sort of fin not unlike a fish. The horse looks on while the sun has apparently fallen out of the sky and landed on the ground.

The Crazy Mind-Creepiest Kids Drawings

8.Family Drawings

Get a kid to draw the family and you have it all in a nutshell as some psychologists believe. If this is the case this kid is in dire straights. He's in a cage and about to be hung? His dad has enormous hands perhaps he is going to do it and the mom is taller than everyone else, perhaps she is the master mind behind it all?

Family Drawings-Creepiest Kids Drawings

9.Starting early?

It is not so much the picture itself that is creepy, but the words below it as this kind of shows that this child knows a bit too much about something in particular and that is disturbing. You just know that this child has been educated in ways that should not be for them and the result is this drawing.

Starting early?-Creepiest Kids Drawings

10.The Cat In The Hat

Not all kids are gentle with fairytale characters as this drawing indicates. The poor little cat in the hat will get a good dashing down the stairs it appears. That is if he dared to show up at this kids door.

The Cat In The Hat-Creepiest Kids Drawings


First love is poignant for many but sometimes can border on excessive. Whilst this is a cute picture one can only wonder where this young lad will land up later on in life! Imagine wanting to collect her hair at this young age?

Stalkers?-Creepiest Kids Drawings

12.Alien Doughnut

These doughnuts are not ordinary doughnuts not only do they talk but also wield weapons of mass destruction and that is the creepy part at this early age. Strange to think what a kids mind can turn any inanimate object into isn't it?

Alien Doughnut-Creepiest Kids Drawings

13.Creepy Street Views

This well drawn and colorful street view looks quite gay at first glance, but one then wonders what happened to the poor guy on the ground? His head has been chopped off. Then we realize the girl and her daddy are holding the bloodied axes.

Creepy Street Views-Creepiest Kids Drawings



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