12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 1:54 pm
By:James Fraser

Caveman SpongeBob or Primitive SpongeBob or Spongegar was one of the most popular memes of 2016. The meme is a depiction of SpongeBob SquarePants's ancient ancestor, Primitive SpongeBob. The prehistoric SpongeBob character first appeared on Season 1 Episode 14a, "SB-129," in 1999. People often confuse Primitive or Cavemen SpongeBob with another old character of the show, SpongeGar. Contrary to popular belief, Caveman SpongeBob and SpongeGar are not the same. Now, check these 12 truly hilarious SpongeBob Memes!
4.Netflix And Chill!

"When he invited to watch a movie, and you realize there's no TV in his bedroom!" 
So, she really went to his home hoping to watch a movie?! Okay, we agree that the guy should have openly asked her to spend some time with him without using code words like Netflix and Chill, but hey, isn't that exactly how girls communicate with boys? When they say YES, it means NO. When they say NO, it means MAYBE, and when they say MAYBE, it means NO! Look, who's talking about guys!

Netflix And Chill!-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

5.This Unfortunate And Embarrassing Situation

"When you are in a bathroom stall without a lock, and somebody opens the door!" 
First of all, no one gets into a bathroom stall with a faulty door in the first place unless the diarrheal storm in the stomach is too intense to contain. A decent individual still finds a way to stop people from opening the door by stretching their hand, playing music, singing a song, or simply saying "ahem" upon hearing footsteps! If somebody somehow managed to see you taking a dump, perhaps they were unlucky and had a terrible day, not you! 

This Unfortunate And Embarrassing Situation-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes

6.Killing Bugs

"When you go to kill a spider, and it disappears." 
When you find a spider in the home, the wise thing to do is to get out of it and nuke the whole house down! There is no way you are going to kill those little buggers with a fly squatter. Pay attention to what we say now, and you will never ever attempt to kill a spider with a squatter or a broom. Sometime back, an Australian couple smacked a big-ass spider with a push broom. Guess what happened next? The pregnant spider got exploded, and soon hundreds of baby spiders were crawling on the ground. Yikes! 

Killing Bugs-12 Funny Caveman SpongeBob/ Spongegar Memes