Best Wedding Photo Bomb

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 7:27 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Dog Of Honor

If dog is man's best friend, then why can't she be the maid of honor at her best friend's wedding? No reason. This dog seems to be very comfortable on the bride's train and her coat matches the wedding party. No one has your back like your dog, and she won't be jealous.

Dog Of Honor-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

2.I'm So Happy

The father of the bride looks so ecstatic that he couldn't contain himself. Maybe he didn't realize that the window in the door wasn't a one way window. Or maybe he thought he was invisible. Or he just didn't care. Regardless of his reason, he looks like he is short a few brain cells.

I'm So Happy-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

3.Rock On

Unbeknownst to the newlywed couple, there is a friend in the background who think she is funny. Apparently she is giving them the "rock on" symbol, but does this couple really want that in their pictures? Lucky for them that whole half of the picture is completely cropable in Photoshop.

Rock On-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

4.Psycho In The Woods

Where did this guy come from? He doesn't look to be part of the wedding party, but then again, judging by those bridesmaid dresses, maybe he is. These girls dressed in yellow look like just came from sunshine girl picnic and he looks like he was the leader of the event.

Psycho In The Woods-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

5.So Jealous

Does this bridesmaid know she's in the shot and did she make that face on purpose, or did jealousy really overcome her and she forgot all about the cameras? Well, it makes for a really funny shot that this couple will remember forever, every time they look at their wedding pictures.

So Jealous-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

6.There's Waldo

Some people just love when the camera's on them. The funny part about this photo bomb is not that there is someone dressed like Waldo in the background, but the fact that someone is dressed like Waldo waiting for an opportunity like this. Does he dress like this every day waiting for his chance?

There's Waldo-Best Wedding Photo Bomb


This photo bomb is scary. I guess you never know exactly who is watching you. Hopefully he was just a strange relative, who looked weird, and not some stalker who is ready to pounce at any minute. Maybe a jilted boyfriend or obsessed guy. Hopefully the day went according to plan.

Stalker-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

8.Royal Pain In The ... Ears

It looks like the little flower girl, at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, wasn't liking all the hub bub going on. You can imagine there was a whole lot of clapping and cheering going on when this famous kiss took place. The royal couple probably didn't even know she blocked her ears until they saw the pictures later.

Royal Pain In The ... Ears-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

9.Well Hello Newlyweds

When you take your wedding photos in the middle of a crosswalk in the city, you're bound to get some weirdos walking by. Will they stop and smile for the camera? Maybe. Maybe not. That's just the chance you'e got to take if you want to get that urban feel for your wedding album.

Well Hello Newlyweds-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

10.I Saw You Kissing

This hilarious shot of one of the groomsmen ogling the happy couple as they share a kiss. Not only is he catching a look, but he knows he's in the shot and is hamming it up for the camera. It must have been quite the surprise when Mr. and Mrs. went through their wedding proofs. Hope they kept it for their album.

I Saw You Kissing-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

11.Yippee, You're Married

This is what happens when you get married on a beach. It's not like you own the sand and water so anyone can just happen by. Most people would step back until the picture is snapped or rush by, but Mr. Speedo took advantage of the camera time, leaping into the air.

Yippee, You're Married-Best Wedding Photo Bomb

12.I Llama You

Photo bombs are always funny, but they are especially funny at a wedding. The bride and groom are taking themselves so seriously, and then in one of the pictures, there it is. Some weird person, animal, or thing, that just makes you laugh out loud. In this case, the llama was front and center for this first married kiss.

I Llama You-Best Wedding Photo Bomb



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