Amazing Motorcycles

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 8:34 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.The Batpod

Who better to top the list of amazing motorcycles than Gotham's own Batman? Calling this eye-popping vehicle a motorcycle is like calling an ocean liner a boat. This heavily armed device can race you to the scene of the crime just in time to do battle with a lethal villain. Your mileage may vary.

The Batpod-Amazing Motorcycles

2.Batman's motorcycle (old school)

This was Batman's means of transportation back in the swinging sixties. As you see, the design was not as sleek or aerodynamically sound as his current ride, but but 1966 this was regarded as pretty swell. Of course in 1966 The Monkees, pet rocks and Richard Nixon were also regarded as pretty swell.

Batman's motorcycle (old school)-Amazing Motorcycles

3.Batgirl's motorcycle

In the name of gender equity it only makes sense that Batgirl should have a motorcycle of her own. This particular bike goes back a few decades and is therefore slightly less impressive. But just the same, it probably got our sweet little heroine to the shoe store in record time.

Batgirl's motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles


4.Motorcycle with passenger

This bike has a wonderful design and is probably very environmentally friendly. I would imagine its gas milage is ideal for an urban area and it can probably reach an impressive speed quite quickly. But its chief advantage is that it's great when you have a lazy friend.

Motorcycle with passenger-Amazing Motorcycles

5.Dragon motorcycle

The looks on these guys's faces say it all. Their expressions have a thuggish quality that would probably be needed when riding such a colorful and fanciful thing. But they also seem a little embarrassed to be riding something that makes you only cool to eight year old boys.

Dragon motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

6.Triple engine motorcycle

Everything about this exceptional vehicle is designed with one purpose in mind: going really fast. It's hard to imagine any other reason for a motorcycle to have three engines or a design this strange. It's also hard to imagine where you'd find a rider with arms long enough to reach the handlebars.

Triple engine motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

7.Jungle cat motorcycle

If Tarzan was alive and living in a large urban area, this would be his method of travel. It is sleek, designed with the jungle in mind and appropriately cat-like in its color scheme and low center of gravity. Having said all that, I think even Tarzan would find the tail a bit silly.

Jungle cat motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

8.Giant motorcycle

The bike on the left is a normal sized motorcycle. It is very popular with normal sized people. The bike on the right is a giant motorcycle. It is very popular with giants and people who really need a lot of attention. If nothing else, you'll never have to worry about not being seen by drivers.

Giant motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

9.1930s motorcycle

Yes, this was an actual motorcycle designed by an actual guy in the 1930s. For some reason this particular model never quite caught on with the public. Perhaps because it was dangerous or really expensive. But most likely because people got tired of traveling in a three foot circle.

1930s motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

10.Alien motorcycle

This motorcycle is just perfect for anyone who wants to ride something that will frighten everyone whose path you cross on a daily basis. It's so cool that you don't even need a helmut to protect yourself from harm. All you need is a yellow bandana and an intimidating scowl.

Alien motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

11.Stretch motorcycle

This amazing thing probably won't win any speed contests, especially if you're carrying a full load of friends, family members, or the local basketball team. But it sure will make you the coolest guy in the neighborhood. At least until you realize that you could have just bought a minivan.

Stretch motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

12.Historical motorcycle

This particular motorcycle makes our list for historical reasons. It's a very early version of the classic Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was released a few decades before most of the current features were available. And it was also released a few decades before people realized that pink wasn't a manly color.

Historical motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

13.Tiny motorcycle

This thing is just adorable. It has all of the features you'd find on a normal sized motorcycle but -- unlike most motorcycles -- it's portable. So you can simply pick it up and carry it with you. It is perfect for someone who has fourteen hours to get to work every morning.

Tiny motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles

14.Amazing Chopper

This is the chopper that will impress anyone who understands the difference between a chopper and a motorcycle. Not only does it look incredibly cool going several miles per hour past the speed limit, but it is large enough for you to house your entire family in the back.

Amazing Chopper-Amazing Motorcycles

15.Cigarette motorcycle

This extraordinary contraption was created by an Indian designer who apparently sought to encourage people to drop the habit of smoking cigarettes and instead take up the habit of riding awesome motorcycles. And while not all motorcycles are as awesome as this one, none of them cause lung cancer.

Cigarette motorcycle-Amazing Motorcycles



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