Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:28 pm
By:Tony Williams


Go on just admit that you are looking at this picture and trying to see if it has been photoshopped at any point because surely that cannot be real? It looks as if the stone on the top is barely touching the one on the bottom, but then it has to be enough or it would fall over. No glue was used.

Huh????-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

2.Three people?

One of the things that you notice with this is that it looks like three people doing the conga. It is made even more obvious by the way that the middle one seems to have their mouth open as if they are singing along, but all of this has been done by nature and not by human hand.

Three people?-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

3.On a pedestal

This giant stone is just sitting there as if it is on a pedestal and it is just another example of how mother nature takes stone balancing to a new level. There is no way that we can actually compete with her because we balance two small stones on one another and she goes for it big style.

On a pedestal-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

4.That is just crazy

This is just crazy because there is no way that a human being should be able to do this kind of balancing act. We are not meant to be able to do this kind of thing as there is no way that we should have the patience for it, but clearly there are people that go against what is expected of us.

That is just crazy-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

5.The tipping point

So how does mother nature know that this is the tipping point and any change in the angle would send this huge stone crashing to the ground? We need to have confidence in her and that she knows what she is doing or we would never walk past this.

The tipping point-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

6.Mother nature is good as well

Apart from the fact that this looks like a giant stone mushroom it is also worth remembering that mother nature is also pretty good at this stone balancing act as well. Of course she does it on a grand scale while we are stuck with pebbles and this is just one example of her showing off.

Mother nature is good as well-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

7.A work of art

Apart from these balanced stones being very impressive to look at you need to also remember that they are basically like a work of art. Does he sit down and sketch how it will happen or is it all spur of the moment stuff resulting in two pieces that look like that?

A work of art-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

8.A steady hand is required

A steady hand is certainly required in order to get these stones balanced and you would also imagine that the fact they are wet would make it even harder? How much patience must they have to stand in a cold river just to balance some stones?

A steady hand is required-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

9.A skyscraper

Well this is impressive because there are just a number of stones sitting there on top of one another like a stone skyscraper. The fact that they had to be balanced in a rush due to the tide is also impressive, but how annoyed would you be when they get swept back to sea?

A skyscraper-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

10.Balanced to a point

Most people would struggle to get the bottom stone sitting there never mind getting the one on the top to balance on a point like that. It simply seems to defy the laws of physics although clearly it cannot defy them or it could not be done at all.

Balanced to a point-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

11.They look like rabbits

For some reason these balanced stones look like a number of rabbits all sitting together, but as they are using the same kind of stones clearly they are all the same types of rabbits. How long must it have taken to just get this right?

They look like rabbits-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World

12.Is this even possible?

One of the first things that will pop into your mind at this point is whether or not this is actually possible? This is down to a particular artist who is an expert at balancing stones, but even then you still have no idea how he manages to do it.

Is this even possible?-Amazing Balanced Stones In The World



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