15 Images That Show Irony In This World

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 5:28 pm
By:James Fraser

Things don't always go as planned! Sometimes they take the path of irony! Here are fifteen images that define the meaning of irony. These funny images of signs, billboards and notices will make you laugh. Some of them are really stupid too! Why waiting? Check them out.
7.Oh, Irony

We guess this board is the culprit. It looks like this thank you board turned out to be a distraction for this driver. It's all guessing, and we don't know what exactly happened there. Nevertheless, the irony is too strong with this one.

Oh, Irony-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

8.Singapore, Litter Free

Oh, what an irony! Singapore is generally a clean city, but the irony in this image has done some damage to city's reputation. Despite the trashcan reminds people to keep Singapore clean, they chose to dump the trash on the floor.

Singapore, Litter Free-15 Images That Show Irony In This World

9.Irony at its Best

This is one such event that attracts photographers more than the common people. The photographers, usually, live with their camera 24/7 as if it is an integral part of their body! Asking people not to bring cameras to a photography exhibition is nothing more than pure irony.

Irony at its Best-15 Images That Show Irony In This World