15 Hilarious Notes Ever Caught By Teachers

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 6:54 pm
By:James Fraser

Remember when note-passing was cool in school? Students who went to school a decade before know how fun it was to pass notes secretly in the classroom without getting caught by teachers. Most teachers hate this whole concept of note-passing. You already know what they do when they catch you passing notes. Here are fifteen hilarious notes found by teachers that make you relive your high school memories for one more time.
13.This Silly Note

Jonathan will be hell embarrassed if he reads his note now! The note wasn't smooth at all. Let's hope Jessica taught a lesson or two on how not to talk to a girl.

This Silly Note-15 Hilarious Notes Ever Caught By Teachers

14.Someone Was Wearing Women's Underwear

That was the last time the boy wrote a note in class! The teacher might have screamed 'WTF did I just read' in the head, after reading that note.

Someone Was Wearing Women's Underwear -15 Hilarious Notes Ever Caught By Teachers

15.This Creepy Note

Creepy Sun calls a one-eyed cat a taco? What's happening!!! There is something wrong with the student who drew this art!

This Creepy Note-15 Hilarious Notes Ever Caught By Teachers

These days, note-passing is not as rampant as it used to be a few years ago. Today, every student has a smartphone with chat apps installed.