15 Hilarious Dog Texts

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 8:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Dogs are the most loved animal species on this planet. Have you ever wondered what it will be like to own a dog that can actually talk? If a dog can speak, will it be talking to us in an obliging manner, as it always behaves, or will it talk to us like our friend who cracks jokes on us, or with us? 
7.A Pervert Dog Texts its Master

We hope this texting dog is a poodle too, hoping there is no ‘interbreedcial’ stuff going on there. We want to keep the discussion on this topic short; because we suspect the dogs or humans who are reading this may be busy checking a website! 

A Pervert Dog Texts its Master-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

8.A Neutered Dog Revenge

A real bad day for this pizza delivery guy, who is about to get bitten in his balls, by a monstrous bush. Yes, a bush! That’s what he will tell to his friends a month after. We know the real story though!

A Neutered Dog Revenge-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

9.The Prankster Dog

Meet the prankster that sets his master up perfectly in a broad daylight prank! Poor owner has to deal with the lady standing near his car. Let us hope she is not a PETA activist!

The Prankster Dog-15 Hilarious Dog Texts