15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:10 pm
By:James Fraser

The world is no short of dumb people, and will never run out of them. What makes a person dumb? There are many things that make a person dumb from ignorance to inability to think right and logically. Dumb people look like everyone until they open their mouth or let their feelings out. Here are fifteen dumb people who have come up with dumbest tweets ever!
10.Self Declared Grammar Queen

We all wish our girlfriends to be logically correct, and we don't care about grammar or something. Unless someone's a poet or story writer, there's no point boasting or talking about his or her grammatical skills! Check this lady who is happily boasting her good for nothing grammar! 

Self Declared Grammar Queen-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

11.Let's Improvise!

Can sex be good without an organism?
Can sex be good without sexual organs?
Can sex be good without organizing it well?
Can sex be good if we eat organic food?

Let's Improvise!-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever

12.Apple, Is That Your New Head Quarters?

Have you ever heard of Ifold Tower? We didn't hear either! Can you guess what that tower he's talking about is? It's easy, right? Yes, he means Eiffel Tower. Well, he's dumb, but definitely not dumber than that lady who called Barack Obama 'Barraco Barner'!

Apple, Is That Your New Head Quarters?-15 Dumbest Tweets Ever