15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:26 pm
By:James Fraser

Where there are people, there is mess. Gyms or fitness centers are no exception. If you go to gym regularly, you will understand the pain! We bet more than half of the people who hit gym regularly doesn’t know what gym etiquette is. They do all sorts of things knowingly unknowingly, which only irritates other people around. Here are 15 annoying things people usually do at gyms.
4.Equipment and Machine Hoggers

For some people, going to gym is all about walking on a treadmill or training on cross trainer. They do those things for hours and hours, not letting others to use the machines. People like these are highly annoying, as they do nothing but spoil other people’s daily routine. A treadmill costs less than an annual gym fee!

Equipment and Machine Hoggers-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

5.Photo Freaks and Selfie Queens

What’s best place than a gym for those who absolutely love flooding their social network accounts with a new selfie every minute? People like these make gym a horrible place. The only thing they do is they distract others who work out seriously. It’s all about manners, and some people are very poor at it.

Photo Freaks and Selfie Queens-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym

6.People Who Grunt like a Spartan Soldier

Some people grunt like as if they were put in a war, while some do it like they just had an orgasm. It is acceptable up to a smaller level, but grunting like an alien beast only disturbs people around. This is the most annoying thing you will find in a gym.

People Who Grunt like a Spartan Soldier-15 Annoying Things People Do At Gym