12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 1:30 pm
By:Tony Williams

Do you have a gag reflex? If so, the following 12 videos are going to make you puke out your intestines! Hey, good news is that we didn't add any playable or downloadable videos to the topic. Instead, we wrote the names of the video and some details about them. If you are that interested to watch the videos, just search the name of the video on Google! You will find it. We firmly advise you to stay away from doing that, though. Are you ready to read the topic? Here you go. Learn more about 12 of the disgusting and nastiest videos found on the internet.

This is an entire website that is dedicated to the autopsy and it is going to make even the most hardened of people feel horrible just watching it. Here you will see videos of all kinds of things to do with the body including what is going on inside of them at the time.

Cadaver-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

2.2 Girls 1 Cup

If someone ran a contest for the most disgusting videos in the world, 2 Girls 1 Cup would win it hands down! It is indeed the most shocking, scandalous, and nauseating video ever made. If you have not heard about the video before, we suggest you to kill your curiosity right now, and never attempt to watch the video! The name, 2 Girls 1 Cup, sounds like the title of an exciting lesbian porn movie. However, in reality, it is just a grisly video that shows two girls eating their poop and puking in each other's mouths! That's the last thing anyone wants to see. Isn't it? 

2 Girls 1 Cup-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

3.The cyst pop

With this video it is not just the fact that he has a huge cyst that he wants popped, but it is the fact that he wants his wife to film it and to do it in front of his kids. You have to seriously question the parents here because who thought that it would be a good idea to do this?

The cyst pop-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

4.Eating a live octopus

This video comes from South Korea and it is absolutely disgusting. Yes the person in the video does indeed go ahead and eat a whole live octopus and it is clear that they must have a stronger stomach than you do as you will feel more sick just watching it.

Eating a live octopus-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

5.Black head apocalypse

This title is a perfect description of what is going to happen when you click on the video and start watching it. Yes we may all suffer from black heads at some point in our lives, but none are going to be as disgusting as this video, so you have been warned.

Black head apocalypse-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

6.Toddler eating snot

Yes this may be quite a common occurrence, but that does not make it any easier to watch it on video. There has always been something gross about this particular act, so do a search online and you will be inundated with a number of videos all showing the same disgusting act.

Toddler eating snot-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

7.Toenail removed with pliers

Come on even just reading those few words will have made you cringe. The very idea of removing something as precious as your toenail in such a barbaric and torture-like way is enough to make you feel absolutely horrible inside. The fact it is done in glorious close-up action just makes it worse.

Toenail removed with pliers-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

8.Elbow abscess drainage

An abscess is painful, but it is even more disgusting when it is being drained and when that drainage is put on camera you just know that you are in for something that you wish you had not seen. That is what happens with this particular video and the result is pretty predictable.

Elbow abscess drainage-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

9.Huge booger

Yes this is as horrible as it sounds and you will feel like being sick when you see the size of this booger that has to be medically removed from their nose. It is absolutely disgusting in so many ways and do not try to watch this while eating something.

Huge booger-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

10.Lex & Terry Infected Wound

At first this sounds as if it might not be too bad and not too disgusting because it is just going to show a wound that is infected. However, when they start to squeeze it you just know that something bad is going to happen and you will not expect what happens next.

Lex & Terry Infected Wound-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

11.The eyeball tattoo

This is something that is going to have you rubbing your eye in sympathy for it because there is no way that you can look at this video and not feel squeamish. It really is disgusting in so many ways and even just the thought of somebody having their eyeball poked is enough to turn the stomach of some people.

The eyeball tattoo-12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made

12.Botfly In My Head

Sometimes, some of us drink so badly that we need to puke out to evade getting a hangover. We try many methods, such as drinking saline solution or put a finger in our throat. Such techniques are useful, but they have their downsides. Watching Botfly in My Head video makes anyone puke instantly without needing to try arduous techniques! The video shows a man removing a fat botfly larva from the head of a girl using tweezers. This picture gives you a snapshot of the video. However, to see the original clip, you need to search it online!

Botfly In My Head -12 Most Disgusting Videos Ever Made



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