Best Fashion Designers In The World

Monday, Mar 22, 2021, 7:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Christopher Bailey

Christopher is in charge of Burberry, so you can see how he is a key figure in the world of fashion. He loves to mix traditional with modern and you can see it in the newer pieces that they have brought out as they all have his trademark style and touch.

Christopher Bailey-Best Fashion Designers In The World

2.Anna Sui

Anna loves to produce clothes that are a little bit different to other people. She is quite a flamboyant character, but she is careful not to really express that too much in the things that she designs. She has of course also spread out into other area, but it is her clothes that are undoubtedly the key thing.

Anna Sui-Best Fashion Designers In The World

3.Marc Jacobs

Marc has been in the industry since he was 15 and he has taken the hard route into the world of fashion. He is never afraid to push the boat out a bit with things and if you are in New York you are advised to go and look at his boutique store.

Marc Jacobs-Best Fashion Designers In The World


4.Roberto Cavalli

This guy produces classic Italian fashion, so that means it looks sophisticated and stylish at all times. He does not do anything outlandish, but instead focuses on what the average person likes, but creating something that is also super stylish.

Roberto Cavalli-Best Fashion Designers In The World

5.Calvin Klein

This American designer really did take things to a new level and was probably one of the first to pick up on the importance of marketing. He has of course branched out into perfumes, accessories, and a whole host of other things, but it is his well fitting clothes that he is most well known for.

Calvin Klein-Best Fashion Designers In The World

6.Dolce & Gabbana

These two guys are absolute powerhouses in the world of fashion as they are probably now one of the most well known names out there. They mainly focused on clothes for men at first and they were not afraid to buck trends while still creating something that you would feel comfortable to wear.

Dolce & Gabbana-Best Fashion Designers In The World

7.Valentino Garavani

This guy is of course most well known by just his first name and he is certainly one designer that countless numbers of people have loved to wear. He really became famous mainly for his red dresses, of which he seemed to be obsessed about, but his clothes are very well cut and can be worn to ever occasion.

Valentino Garavani-Best Fashion Designers In The World

8.Jean-Paul Gaultier

Even though you may know him more for perfume he is actually a very well established, and well thought of, designer. He really seemed to play a huge role in the way that the 80's and 90's were shaped, according to fashion, with outfits that were big and bold.

Jean-Paul Gaultier-Best Fashion Designers In The World

9.Riccardo Tisci

This Italian really made a breakthrough in 2005 when he started to work for Givenchy and in particular in the women's department. He also now works designing clothes for men and is known for a classic, but stylish look.

Riccardo Tisci-Best Fashion Designers In The World

10.Vivienne Westwood

This British designer is known for her slightly out there and wacky designs, but she does have so much flair that it is impossible not to just look at her stuff and stop and stare. OK it may not be to your own taste, but there is no way that you cannot look at it and just think WOW.

Vivienne Westwood-Best Fashion Designers In The World

11.Giorgio Armani

When it comes to style and sophistication is there any name that is as well known as Armani? He seems to have been around forever and his clothes have been seen being worn by all of the great and the good as well as the person in the street who just loves to look and feel good.

Giorgio Armani-Best Fashion Designers In The World

12.Karl Lagerfeld

This guy really does just control Chanel and that does mean he has a major role to play in fashion in the entire world. This German fashion designer is one of the most recognizable out there and if you are lucky enough to own something of his, then you must be very rich indeed.

Karl Lagerfeld-Best Fashion Designers In The World



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