15 Amazing Nail Arts That You Must Try Once In Your Life

Monday, Jan 25, 2021, 4:29 pm
By:Mike Litzler

Nail art is a creative fashion trend that is mostly popular among the younger girls of this generation. It is all about decorating nails with colors, glitter and all sorts of things men can't even recognize! These days, girls prefer drawing designs, pictures and letters on their nails over using a single-color nail lacquer. The nail art is so popular that you find many nail art studios in even smaller cities and towns. Most girls draw nail art on their own using just their hands or some nail art tools like pens, brushes, stamps and stripping rolls. 
Although nail art trend became very popular recently, it has a very long history that dates back to 3000 BC. Let us tell you one more surprising nail art fact! In the olden days, men used to wear nail art as well. In the ancient kingdom of Greece, men belonging to the upper class used to wear black nail art, while the lower class men used to wear green. The nail art was used to identify people of different sects and classes living together in society. Well, the nail art is a girly thing now! Check these fifteen amazing nail art pictures. 
13.SpongeBob SquareNails

This happy-faced resident of Bikini Bottom makes for a lovely way to decorate your nails. But if you have kids you will likely frighten them when they check your nails one day to see that their underwater buddy has been cruelly wiped away and replaced by the color pink.

SpongeBob SquareNails -15 Amazing Nail Arts That You Must Try Once In Your Life

14.Dr. Seuss Nail Art

Everybody's favorite childlike storyteller gets a lovely tribute of five wonderfully colored nails. For those of us who can't remember exactly how the stories go, the nails may serve as a prompt. This nail art was drawn based on the favorite Dr. Seuss's children's book 'The Cat in the Hat'. The nail art depicts the book's notable characters and illustrations. For those who don't know who Dr. Seuss was, he was a legendary American children's book writer and illustrator. He is one of the most successful children's book writers of all time. He has sold more than 600 million copies of his work to date. 

Dr. Seuss Nail Art-15 Amazing Nail Arts That You Must Try Once In Your Life

15.Smiley Face/frowny Face

This amazing vivid and colorful nail art is just perfect for the young lady caught in the midst of severe mood swings. Who needs to waste time explaining how you're doing that day when you could simply show a finger? But just make sure you show the right one.

Smiley Face/frowny Face-15 Amazing Nail Arts That You Must Try Once In Your Life