Pop Star Names Travoltified

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Julian Butter

Fans of Justin Bieber are probably in a rage at the idea of somebody calling him by another name. However, Julian Butter makes him sound as if he works in IT rather than being a musician and we wish that he did work in IT.

Julian Butter-Pop Star Names Travoltified

2.Antoni Keezy

So Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers would have his name changed into Antoni Keezy by Travolta, but at least with this one it does sound like it could be a real person. Of course that person would have to be Italian mixed with some other unknown nationality, but maybe there is a real person walking around with that name.

Antoni Keezy-Pop Star Names Travoltified

3.Brooke Seempzon

Yep even Bruce Springsteen is not exempt from John Travolta being able to massacre his name as this is what he would then come up with. If you were asked to guess the celebrity from that name would you even come close to thinking about Bruce Springsteen? Probably not.

Brooke Seempzon-Pop Star Names Travoltified

4.Samantha Gomeez

This is how John would probably pronounce Selena Gomez and in a way we have to give him at least 5 out of 10 for a valiant attempt because it is at least in the right ball park. You do just get the feeling he would be quite happy with himself.

Samantha Gomeez-Pop Star Names Travoltified

5.Phoebe Dorniels

We get the feeling that P Diddy would not exactly be that happy at being called Phoebe Dorniels, but then you can kind of understand why. This does involve John taking a wild stab in the dark as to what the P stands for, but surely Phoebe would not have ranked that high on his list?

Phoebe Dorniels-Pop Star Names Travoltified

6.Kirk Cozzins

If Kurt Cobain had been called this, then do you think that after John Travolta had got his hands on it that he would have then come up with Kurt Cobain? Let's be honest here and say that Kirk Cozzins really does not sound cool at all.

Kirk Cozzins-Pop Star Names Travoltified

7.Bailey Speerce

Yep this is Britney Spears in the world of John Travolta and it sounds more like a porn star rather than a singer. You just know that if her name was actually Bailey Speerce that her career would not have taken off at all.

Bailey Speerce-Pop Star Names Travoltified

8.Joss Blork

OK so James Blake would be turned into Joss Blork and it sounds as if it is somebody trying to say just Bjork, as in the Icelandic singer, when they have a bad cold. However, we are sure that John would still be a fan.

Joss Blork-Pop Star Names Travoltified


This one would be bizarre, but there is the belief that if John Travolta was going to introduce the singer Lorde that he would end up not only saying the name wrong, but also changing her sex at the same time. The sad part is that you can easily believe it.

Luke-Pop Star Names Travoltified

10.Lara Allorn

This is the brand new name for that British singer Lily Allen and as you can see it appears to have turned her into somebody that sounds Norwegian. This name is now so much harder to pronounce than her real one.

Lara Allorn-Pop Star Names Travoltified

11.Kai Cloirk

This is the name for Kid Ink and it would certainly be the best attempt that John Travolta could ever hope to make with this name. It's not as if it is a difficult name either is it?

Kai Cloirk-Pop Star Names Travoltified

12.Lucy Geercia

Yep this is what good old John would say for Lady Gaga and apart from it starting with the same letters he would get the rest of it horribly wrong. The scarier part is that you now look at that name and think that it does actually suit her.

Lucy Geercia-Pop Star Names Travoltified



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