12 Famous Blondes In Hollywood

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020, 6:11 am
By:Tony Williams

Where all the blondes are disappearing?! Well, no aliens are abducting them! Blondes are pretty much around us, disguised as brunettes. Light-colored hair is beautiful, but unfortunately, many blondes are dying their hair dark because you know... the blonde stereotype and jokes are too awful to deal with. Irrespective of stereotypes or jokes, many Hollywood blonde bombshells prefer dying their hair dark, although it isn't uncommon to find them sporting rainbow-colored hair that resembles a dusting brush!  Let's fish out the names of the real Hollywood natural blondes and see how powerful the "blonde force" is! 

#2 Anna Nicole

Former Stripper Anna Nicole Smith was another tragic blonde, dying in her hotel room in Florida in 2007. The beautiful blonde ballooned up to an obese size and flaunted it before the world on her own television reality show, before shocking everyone with a slim down that brought her right back to the shape she once had, and every bit as gorgeous. Did you know Anna Nicole Smith once had a nip slip in public?

Anna Nicole-12 Famous Blondes In Hollywood