Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:10 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Michael Jordan

Michael is one of the greatest sportsmen of all time and is the best basketball player of all time, but he also has a degree in cultural geography. Even if you are unsure as to what that degree is all about can you ever see him doing something other than sport in his life? It just does not suit him in any way, shape, or form.

Michael Jordan-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

2.Brad Pitt

When you are famous you need to have an understanding of the press, but Brad perhaps has a better understanding than most due to having a degree in journalism and advertising. The problem here is can you actually see him as a journalist at any point? Can you picture him with a notebook in hand? Probably not.

Brad Pitt-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

3.Lil Wayne

Ok so we all associate him with being a bit of a rebel, but the fact he has a degree in psychology does make you think that it may indeed all be an act, apart from the illegal stuff of course. This does mean he knows how to play a persona and to get reactions in a controlled way, so perhaps he is not as stupid or crazy as he makes out?

Lil Wayne-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

4.Jake Gyllenhall

Jake is a cool guy, but is his coolness dented when you find out that he has a degree in Eastern religions and philosophy? For some reason the fact that he has a beard in this picture is quite apt with that degree and you do wonder where he would have used it, so perhaps acting was the better option.

Jake Gyllenhall-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

5.Ashton Kutcher

Ashton has this image of being a bit of a cheeky lad who is more interested in girls and relaxing rather than being serious, but in actual fact he has a degree in biochemical engineering. This is certainly something that surprises people as they generally feel as if he does not have the brains to do something as complex as this, but he does, so perhaps perceptions will chance.

Ashton Kutcher-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

6.Kenny Chesney

Kenny is a cool guy and a great country star, but he also has a degree in advertising, so if the record deal went pear shaped he would at least have something to fall back on. In a way it suits him a bit as they are both creative things and at least musical jingles would be interesting.

Kenny Chesney-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

7.Weird al Yankovich

Ok so Al is indeed weird, but is it not even weirder when you find out that he has a degree in architecture? Al and buildings are not things that you tend to put together especially when you consider how serious a subject architecture actually is, but it shows he has done exceptionally well in creating this persona.

Weird al Yankovich-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

8.Lisa Kudrow

Lisa was used to playing a rather silly character in Friends, so people are mainly shocked when they discover that she has a degree in psychobiology as there is no doubt that it does sound rather impressive. It just shows that she is actually a very good actress when she can convince people so well when the opposite of her being stupid is actually the truth.

Lisa Kudrow-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

9.Forest Whitaker

Forest is a cool actor, but can you imagine him as an opera singer? Well that is what he studied before he turned to acting and it just does not suit him although you will of course now wonder what his voice is like as it just does not fit with his persona.

Forest Whitaker-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

10.Eva Longoria

There is more to Eva than just being a pretty face because she also has a degree in kinesiology. This does help to prove that if her acting career took a bad turn that she could at least carry on with an interesting career.

Eva Longoria-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

11.Dolph Lundgren

If you discovered that this all action hero had a degree in chemical engineering how shocked would you be? Well prepare to be shocked as it is actually true and can you imagine him in a white lab coat at all? It just shows that he has brains where people may have thought he was all about muscles.

Dolph Lundgren-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

12.Will Ferral

Believe it or not, but Will actually has a degree in sports broadcasting, so his career path could have still involved being on the screen, but behind the desk reading out results rather than a movie star. For some reason you struggle to see him doing that perhaps due to the serious nature of it, so he may indeed be better off being an actor.

Will Ferral-Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees



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