12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 4:15 pm
By:James Fraser

What makes you horny? Well, we guess you have a straightforward answer for this question. Most of us are not weird when it comes to sex, but a few guys and girls seek sexual pleasure from unusual, disturbing, and even disgusting things. This kind of unnatural sexual behavior is called fetishism, and we guess you are aware of it. In our society, many types of fetishes exist that are anywhere from mildly shocking to deeply unsettling. Hey, do you want to know more about all those dark and creepy sexual secrets? Read 12 bizarre sexual fetishes that we think you haven't heard before.

Acrotomophilia is a bizarre fetish, and it is characterized by one's extreme desire to have sex with amputees. People with acrotomophilia prefer amputees to ordinary people for sex. The ones who suffer from acrotomophilia also display the traits of a closely related fetish called apotemnophilia. Apotemnophilia, also known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder, makes a healthy individual constantly think that there is something wrong with their legs or hands and that they need to be amputated. If this bizarre fetish is already making you cringe hard, let us tell you that some people had their arms and limbs cut off purely for the sake of sexual pleasure!

Acrotomophilia-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before


Somnophilia is indeed a bizarre fetish where people find sleeping or unconscious people arousing! They don't enjoy consensual sex, but love groping, fondling, and caressing their partners, friends, or even family member's bodies when they are in a deep sleep. Somnophilia is inarguably a disgusting behavior, and in worst cases, people with this fetish discreetly make their victims go unconscious using sleeping pills and stuff. They don't enjoy seeing the naked bodies of their partners despite having a free access to them. Instead, they grope them in their sleep to enjoy the sadistic sexual pleasure.

Somnophilia-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before


Nasolingus is yet another bizarre sexual fetish where a person enjoys sucking the nose of their partner. Nasolingus too is a subtype of partialism. Individuals with this fetish find human nose sexy. Unlike ears, cheeks, and neck, the nose is never considered an erogenous part of the human face or body. In fact, many people find it gross to suck a nose because of snot or other nasty stuff that usually stays inside. Nasolingus is a psychological disorder, and it is generally not a dangerous obsession. However, this fetish can make people go very sick as nose hosts millions of bacteria in which some of them can be extremely dangerous.

Nasolingus-12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Heard Of Before


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