Celebrities Who Died Early

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021, 8:45 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

Kurt Cobain personified the angst that was the 90's genre of grunge. Generation X was a generation that was misunderstood and struggling to find its place in society. The music of Cobain and his group Nirvana spoke to that generation. Nirvana would go on to record Smells like Teen Spirit which has been considered by many to be the song of the 90's Cobain went on to Marry fellow rocker Courtney Love. The unfortunate park was that Cobain's personal life was just as troubled as his music portrayed it to be. In 1994 it would all come to an end when Cobain shot himself and was found dead in his house in 1994.

Kurt Cobain 1967-1994-Celebrities Who Died Early

2.Biggie Smalls 1972-1997

Christopher Wallace better known by his stage name Biggie Smalls was one of the most successful rappers of all time. The former Brooklyn drug dealer would take his tales of the streets and turn them into commercial success. Biggie would single handedly revive East Coast Hip Hop and take it to a height that have never been seen before. Along with fellow rapper and rival Tupac Shakur Biggie would be killed in 1997. His murder still goes unsolved till this day.

Biggie Smalls 1972-1997-Celebrities Who Died Early

3.Chris Farley 19647-1997

In a few short years Chris Farley would go from being an unknown comic to one of the greatest performers in Saturday Night Live History. Farley who was a physical comedian was most noticed for being extremely agile for a man of his size. Farley along side fellow 'SNL' alum David Spade would go on to make the hit 'Buddy films' Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. Like many comedians Farley struggled with drug addiction and the ability to be happy. Farley would tragically die in his Chicago apartment in 1997.

Chris Farley 19647-1997-Celebrities Who Died Early


4.Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007

Anna Nicole Smith would become a superstar model icon when she appeared in the pages of Playboy Magazine in the early 90's. Smith would be likened to that of Marilyn Monroe. Smith would gain headlines when she married Billionaire J. Howard Marshall. Many including Marshall's family would say that Smith married him for his money. A lengthy and ugly estate battle would ensue. Smith would later regain fame as the Star of her own reality show The Anna Nicole Smith Show. Smith's life would be far from perfect dealing with weight and drug issues and the death of her son Daniel. Smith life would come to an tragic conclusion as she died at age of 40.

Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007-Celebrities Who Died Early

5.Aaliya 1979-2001

Aaliya became her career like Brittney Spears on Star Search. Many child stars that appear on such shows go on to obscurity but not Aaliya. At the age of 15 she became arising R&B star. She would go on to record hits such as 'One in a Million and Rock the Boat. Aaliya was a house hold name whose life was cut down in her prime. Aaliya would be killed when her private plane crashed in the Bahamas.

Aaliya 1979-2001-Celebrities Who Died Early

6.Amy Wienhouse 1983-2011

Amy Wienhouse became a house hold name when she debuted the hit song Rehab in 2006. Wienhouse would become the poster child for drug addicted celebrities. Wienhouse not only struggled with drug addiction she also battled alcoholism. Wienhouse troubled life was put to an end when she died in 2011.

Amy Wienhouse 1983-2011-Celebrities Who Died Early

7.Jenni Rivera 1969-2012

Jenni Rivera was a Spanish music superstar known as 'La Diva de la Banda', which means the 'Band Diva' Rivera was the queen of the Mexican music genre known as 'Banda'. Rivera was a larger than life character who was known for having fun during her performances. Rivera's concerts were not just a show they were an experience. Rivera dies tragically when her private plane crashed in a mountainous region in Mexico in 2012.

Jenni Rivera 1969-2012-Celebrities Who Died Early

8.DJ AM 1973-2009

Adam Goldstein who was better known by his stage name DJ A.M. was one of the hottest and most gifted dj's of his time. He had worked with some of the biggest acts in music including Jay Z and Travis Barker. Goldstein was long known to partake in illegal substances. He had cheated death once surviving a 2008 plan crash with friend Barker. Sadly DJ AM's luck would run out when he died of an apparent drug overdoes in 2009.

DJ AM 1973-2009-Celebrities Who Died Early

9.Corey Monteith 1982-2013

Corey Monteith has a meteoric rise to the stop when he was cast on the FOX hit show Glee. Monteith would become one of the most popular characters on the hit show. Corey's personal life was not bad either he started dating fellow Glee co-star Lea Michelle. Despite the success Monteith would battle drug addiction and unfortunately die way before his time in 2013.

Corey Monteith 1982-2013-Celebrities Who Died Early

10.Lee Thomas Young 1984-2013

Young was a Disney channel star. He played Jett of the Disney show The Famous Jett Jackson. In the popular kids show young played TV star Jett Jackson who doubled as an undercover agent. Young had struggled to stay relevant as an actor after the show. Young life was tragically cut short when he took his own life with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Lee Thomas Young 1984-2013-Celebrities Who Died Early

11.Heath Ledger 1979-2008

Heath Ledger started his career with the Teen comedy 10 Things I hate about you. After that Ledger had forgettable roles until he was cast as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. After the success of the film Ledger followed it with the role that would define his short career. He played the Joker in Christopher Nolan's' The Dark Knight. Ledger took a more maniacal approach to the role that Jack Nicholson made famous. Ledger would die in 2008 from an accidental overdoes of prescription drugs.

Heath Ledger 1979-2008-Celebrities Who Died Early

12.Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

Brittany Murphy gained fame in the mid 90's with the teen comedy 'Clueless'. Murphy had a quirky cute persona about her which would serve her well in her career. Murphy would go on to do comedy roles such as Just Married and playing the voice of Luanne on the Fox animated series King of the Hill. With the success cam trouble and like many before her Murphy would lose her battle with drug addiction as she tied way to soon in 2009.

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009-Celebrities Who Died Early

13.Corey Haim 1972-2010

Core Haim became a house old name during the 1980's along side fellow Corey, Corey Feldman. Like many child stars success did not agree with Haim. 'The Lost Boys' star spiraled into a life of drug addiction. Famous friend's like Feldman and Alyssa Milano tried to get Haim help but it was to no avail. In the end Haim would die at the tender age of 38.

Corey Haim 1972-2010-Celebrities Who Died Early

14.Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Without a doubt Whitney Houston had one of the greatest singing voices of all time. Whitey a native of Newark New Jersey grew up in a musical family. Her mother is famed gospel singer Sissy Houston and her cousin is R&B star Deion Warwick. Houston is best known for her work on the Album and Move 'The Bodyguard' where Whitney had her biggest hit "I will always 'love you" Towards the end of her life Whitney would be known for rocky relationship with fellow R&B singer Bobby Brown. Whitney tragically died in 2012 from a drug overdoes.

Whitney Houston 1963-2012-Celebrities Who Died Early

15.Michael Jackson 1958-2009

From the time he was 10 years old Michael Jackson was a pop star that would be come the icon better known as the King of Pop. For the rest of his life Michael would be a larger than life figure who would be constantly followed and hounded by paparazzi. Michael Tragically died from an overdoes of prescription medication in 2009.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009-Celebrities Who Died Early



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