Celebrities Who Died Early

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:45 pm
By:Mike Litzler

#15 Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

Kurt Cobain personified the angst that was the 90's genre of grunge. Generation X was a generation that was misunderstood and struggling to find its place in society. The music of Cobain and his group Nirvana spoke to that generation. Nirvana would go on to record Smells like Teen Spirit which has been considered by many to be the song of the 90's Cobain went on to Marry fellow rocker Courtney Love. The unfortunate park was that Cobain's personal life was just as troubled as his music portrayed it to be. In 1994 it would all come to an end when Cobain shot himself and was found dead in his house in 1994.

Kurt Cobain 1967-1994-Celebrities Who Died Early

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