12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:50 am
By:Tony Williams

OCD; the psychological condition is complicated enough that a healthy person doesn't completely understand what it is, and a patient doesn't fully know how to get rid of it! In medical terms, OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is defined as an uncontrollable urge to perform daily life actions repeatedly, like washing hands or checking to see if a door is locked. OCD is a peculiar mental disorder. Its symptoms are diverse. The condition affects every person in a different way. The good news is that OCD doesn't kill people. That bad news is it can totally ruin lives and careers. Learn more about the 12 famous people with OCD, and know how they are coping up with the condition. Hey, do you have any friend who is suffering from OCD? Share this topic to inspire them!
1.Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple straightens out garbage in her trash can and can't drive because of her OCD. She has become a hermit and it has affected her career, taking her seven years to record her latest album. This disorder can be mild, but in its more severe forms can be crippling. Did you know Fiona Apple is a rape victim?  

Fiona Apple-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

2.Howard Stern

The multimillionaire net worth radio talk show host, Howard Stern has been battling his OCD for a long while, dating back to when he began in radio. His condition includes touching his radio dial a specific number of times before turning it on, and it has to be done with his right hand. He has other rituals he performs daily.

Howard Stern-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

3.Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin explained his OCD best. Whenever stress arises over something that is hugely at stake, like landing a role, getting a job, a date, or anything that you truly desire, people with OCD will perform rituals thinking that it might help make it happen. Baldwin claims he has the need to move things, like moving his snowglobe three inches. Did you know Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland Baldwin is all grown up?  

Alec Baldwin-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

4.Charlie Sheen

Bad boy actor Charlie Sheen suffers from OCD and in an interview with Dr. Oz, told him that he sometimes goes up to complete strangers and fixes their collars. The extent of his OCD is not known, but it is a strange disorder. Some people are just obsessive compulsive out neatness and orderliness, but it can become a major problem when it's all you think about. Did you know Charlie Sheen married the famous model Donna Peele and was later caught cheating on her?  

Charlie Sheen-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

5.Charlize Theron

The Oscar winner Charlize Theron can't sleep at night as messy closets and cabinets keep her awake. This is how OCD works. First, a thought enters your mind that you obsess about, and then you need to perform a ritual, which is the compulsion, to relieve the obsession. Cleaning up a messy closet before bed is not as bad as some of the others. Did you know Charlize Theron's mother once shot her husband in self defense?

Charlize Theron-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

6.David Beckham

The millionaire soccer player David Beckham likes to have everything arranged perfectly and odd numbers upset him. He admits that OCD is tiring and that he has often rearranged hotel room furniture over and over again. If he doesn't do it, his mind won't shut off and he keeps thinking about it until he can't take it. Did you know David Beckham had his legs insured?

David Beckham-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

7.Cameron Diaz

Former pornstar turned actress Cameron Diaz was plagued by OCD so badly that she used to open the doors with her elbows, fearing germ contamination! This is the reason why Cameron is scared of doorknobs. She would clean her home multiple times a day. She would compulsively wash her hands and even the doorknobs! Cameron Diaz discussed her OCD in an article published in a magazine, in 1997.  The Hollywood diva says she doesn't particularly find her compulsive cleaning rituals weird or challenging. "The Mask" star doesn't really think the condition is debilitating. While talking about her OCD experiences, Diaz told a talk show host that she had managed to control the symptoms lately.

Cameron Diaz-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD


8.Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel, the host of the famous game show, "Deal or No Deal" and a judge on "America's Got Talent," is a germaphobe. Howie has been suffering from OCD since his early childhood. The Canadian comedian and actor have talked about his mental disorders on several occasions. He doesn't like shaking hands with people. He asks his makeup artist to use fresh sponges every day. Mandel even sanitizes the money bills before touching them! Although he couldn't completely cure his OCD, his symptoms lately are not as bad as they were before. Howie Mandel said he also suffered from ADHD (attention disorder) during his childhood, but managed to grow out of it eventually. 

Howie Mandel-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

9.Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry suffers from OCD, causing her to brush her teeth four to six times per day. The disorder can sometimes be debilitating in that people can become locked into a ritual that they cannot get out of, doing something over and over again, to physical and mental exhaustion. Did you know there are millions of followers of Katy Perry's beautiful feet and legs?

Katy Perry-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD


10.Justin Timberlake

In an interview given to the website Collider.com in 2008, the "Sexyback" singer admitted to suffering from both OCD and ADHD. He said he likes to line up things at certain angles, double check and recheck that they stay that way. He also wants to have certain foods always present in his refrigerator. What's interesting is that the former Disney channel star Justin Timberlake has never been medically diagnosed with OCD, but he just knows he has the disorder! He also says he has been working to keep the symptoms under control! Do you think it's a good idea to self-diagnose a disease? We don't feel so! Did you Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

11.Megan Fox

Although the "Transformers" star has not been medically diagnosed with OCD, she admitted to having the condition and other minor psychological disorders in an interview given to Allure Magazine in 2011. Megan Fox said she was a germaphobe. She said she couldn't stop thinking about all the germs in the air! She has a strong aversion to silverware at restaurants. "Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!" Fox told the reporter. Fox, Now being a mom of two, do you still think she has remained a germaphobe? Did you know Megan Fox was once caught shoplifting?

Megan Fox-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

12.Leonardo DiCaprio

The multimillionaire net worth actor Leonardo DiCaprio was a child actor that we got to know on the sitcom, "Growing Pains," but acting is not all that Leonardo was obsessed with in those days. He also found that he had to step on every gum stain on the sidewalk, avoiding the cracks. He's got his OCD under control now, but it does creep up in times of stress. Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio had an awkward scene in the wolf of wall street

Leonardo DiCaprio-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD



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