Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 12:06 pm
By:Tony Williams

Two types of people that are popular on internet are celebrities and pornstars. Some people say there is no difference between the two as the both can do anything for money but we are not here to judge that, we are here to show you how similar do some of them actually look in appearance. Here are 15 celebrities and their pornstar lookalikes.
10.Rihanna Vs. Lavish Styles

If Rihanna ever needs a body double, for any reason at all, then Lavish Styles should be the first person on her list that she calls. The resemblance between these two ladies is uncanny. If you put them side-by-side in the same outfit, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Rihanna Vs. Lavish Styles-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes
11.Alicia Keys Vs. Anetta Keys

Alicia Keys has a pornstar imitating both her look and her name. Adult film star Anetta Keys has the same exact smile as the songstress. Anetta isn't a mirror image of Alicia, but taking on the Grammy winner's last name has helped her become a little more recognized than before.

Alicia Keys Vs. Anetta Keys-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes
12.Katy Perry Vs. Natasha Nice

Katy Perry is known for her dark tresses and mesmerizing eyes. Famed pornstar Natasha Nice could pass for Katy Perry's long lost sister. Both ladies have a head full of healthy dark hair and they both have those piercing blue eyes that can make any guy fall in love instantaneously.

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Katy Perry Vs. Natasha Nice-Celebrities & Their Pornstar Lookalikes