12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 5:30 am
By:Mike Litzler

Everyone has a dream to go to a nice college where he can enjoy the precious time of his life with booze and girls but getting into a college that cool can be very scary, for example Blue Mountain State. Although it was not a real college it did taught us some great things about college life especially the different kinds of girls(or as Thad call them SLOOTS) we meet. So here is the whole list of different kinds of sloots which you can find in a college and how to deal with them, Check out, thank me later ;)
1.Friend's sisters

You might have seen a hot chick in college just to realize later that she is your friend's sister and you probably cannot sleep with her (bro code). These chicks will be super hot and might even seduce you while you are celibate but don't let that get over your head because she is your friend's sister and as the popular sayings goes "bros before hoes", but if you are friend is like Sammy and cool with it then don't miss the chance to sleep with her.

Friend's sisters-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College


These chicks are hard to stay with, their orientation keeps on changing. You may have a few good days with her but before you know it she likes to hang out with girls now. So don't ever count on these chicks.

Bisexuals-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College


If you are a kind of guy who's a very good athlete then these sloots will always be over you and no matter how badass you are, they will always want to sleep with you, but if you lack the athletic ability then these are not the ones you should look forward to.

Cheerleaders-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College


4.Money hungry sloots

These sloots only date rich guys like lacrosse players. You can literally call them money diggers as well, they dress good, smell good and they will not do the gross things which an average girl does but be careful when you hang out with them they can set up a trap to get your ass beaten up by Lacrosse players.

Money hungry sloots-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

5.Rich chicks

These are the kind of girls with whom you can have that great one night stand and live that lavish life you probably ever imagined in fact you can even get paid to do that but make sure to check if she has herpes, these chicks keep shifting from one guy to another and you can end with STD.

Rich chicks-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

6.Hottest sloots

These sloots will appear like once in a blue moon, no one knows what they do in college and they are hard to find. They will be less in number but super hot. Unlike other girls they won't get easily flattered by your athletic ability. They want you to do something special to make her desperate to sleep with you, but wait don't get crazy and send her your friend's beautiful kielbasa just to sleep with her because it might turn into a very bad scene. Be honest and take that pic with your face in it so she doesn’t screw everything in the end for you.

Hottest sloots-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

7.Your kind of sloot

These sloots will be like your soul mate. They live the same life as you do, they love partying, they don't even ask your name before and after you sleep with them. These sloots can be a turning point in your college life and you might ask her to marry you one day but hold on, before you ask that make sure if she is ready for a relationship because the moment you come back from toilet she might be sticking her tongue in someone else's junk :D

Your kind of sloot-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

8.The over protective sloot

These chicks will be with you and inspire you for your game but will never actually have sex with you. They will fool you by saying they are virgin but they will sleep with the whole college except you. You do not want to live with these chicks; they are really not worth living with at any cost.

The over protective sloot-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

9.Proudly black chick

These chicks only roam around with black guys and I respect that but if you are a guy from this community then you are in serious trouble brobeans, If she catches you with a white chick or even with a white pocket pussy she will give you the worst time of your life. So stay away from her if you are a guy who doesn't discriminate between black and white sloots.

Proudly black chick-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

10.Your high school hookup

These sloots appear from nowhere all of a sudden during a match or a tour to another college and there the problem starts, they start spreading the high school rumors about you to mess up your college life. These sloots are unavoidable, they will meet you in your college somehow, all you can do is just make sure you avoid a contact with them, You may think she will be nice but trust me they won't.

Your high school hookup-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

11.Chick with no hands

These are not actually bad girls; they will be nice as long as you are nice with them. Try not to touch their boobs without permission otherwise they will make your entire life a nightmare. Ask Thad if you doubt me, His athletic skills were seriously affected and he also lost a bet with Moran.

Chick with no hands-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College


If you are a very good athlete and happen to go for a game outside your college, make sure you don't fall for the waitresses there, IT'S A TRAP! They will lure you by praising you and ask you to meet her in a room, DO NOT go there, listen to your captain and go to sleep else you might end up with cops on criminal charges.

Waitress-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College


This is the best partner you can have in college life. Gives you the best pleasures of your life, never asks or questions where you were, Always ready for a crazy time. Doesn't get emotional if you leave them one day. By far they are your best partner in college. Just make sure you don't share it with others and you will be happy always. :)

Oksana-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College



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