12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 5:30 am
By:Mike Litzler

Everyone has a dream to go to a nice college where he can enjoy the precious time of his life with booze and girls but getting into a college that cool can be very scary, for example Blue Mountain State. Although it was not a real college it did taught us some great things about college life especially the different kinds of girls(or as Thad call them SLOOTS) we meet. So here is the whole list of different kinds of sloots which you can find in a college and how to deal with them, Check out, thank me later ;)

#12 Bisexuals

These chicks are hard to stay with, their orientation keeps on changing. You may have a few good days with her but before you know it she likes to hang out with girls now. So don't ever count on these chicks.

Bisexuals-12 Kinds Of Sloots You Meet In College