Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:55 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mein Kampf

This is of course the book that Hitler wrote and people can still buy it today. However, all of the proceeds go straight to the Bavarian government rather than anywhere else, but it is unknown as to how much money they actually get.

Mein Kampf-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

2.The Arabian Nights

We are all used to Aladdin being from the Middle East, but in actual fact he was Chinese in the original version. Why, or how, he changed nationality is unknown, but now we are that used to it that it would be strange for him to go back to his old ways.

The Arabian Nights-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

3.Teeny Ted from Turnip Town

The reason why this gets a mention is because it is the smallest book in the world. It is so small that it has actually been etched onto a microchip and it still contains 30 pages that do not even make up the width of a human hair.

Teeny Ted from Turnip Town-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

4.Gulliver's Travels

The surprising thing about this book is that it talks about moons circling Mars, but astronomers already knew about that. However, the problem is that the book mentioned it 100 years before astronomers came up with the idea.

Gulliver's Travels-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

5.The Bay Pslam Book

This is the first book that was ever written in America and it is also regarded as being the most expensive book in the entire world. It was printed in 1640 and sold for $14.16 million in 2013.

The Bay Pslam Book-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

6.Robinson Crusoe

This is widely regarded as being the very first English novel to have ever been written, so at least the novels started off with something that is very good. It has gone on to sell in huge numbers and the story is known around the world.

Robinson Crusoe-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

7.Barbara Cartland

Barbara Cartland has managed to write a number of books, but at one point she was managing to finish them off at a rate of one ever two weeks. How fast must her mind work that then allows her to do so much work in such a short period of time and still produce something that sells in huge numbers?

Barbara Cartland-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

8.J.R.R. Tolkien

We all know that this was the author behind Lord of the Rings, but did you know that he typed the entire thing using only two fingers? It must have taken him forever to do that considering how long the story is and you would have also thought that he would have managed to learn how to use more than two by the end of it?

J.R.R. Tolkien-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

9.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This book has one claim to fame that can never be beaten as it was the first one to ever be written on a typewriter. Up until then things were done by hand and then translated onto a printing process, but this was the first one that used this new piece of machinery.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

10.Alice in Wonderland

This book, which is entirely harmless, was banned in China for quite some time. The reason? It had talking animals in it and that was deemed to be a bit too much for the Chinese, so you had no chance of reading it.

Alice in Wonderland-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

11.Peter Pan

We all see Peter Pan as being this nice friendly character, but originally he was supposed to have killed the Lost Boys after they got too old. You can see how that would not get into the Disney adaptation.

Peter Pan-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors

12.Where's Waldo?

Did you know that at one point this was actually banned in the United States? The reason for its banning was that it featured a topless woman at one point and they felt that it was far too much for people to stomach, so they banned it instead.

Where's Waldo?-Unusual Facts About Famous Books And Authors



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