15 Funniest "Not Sure If" Futurama Fry Memes

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:12 am
By:Mike Litzler

"Not sure if" a.k.a. Futurama Fry memes are one of the best and oldest memes. The meme is mainly used to express an internal monolog, or an ordinary and everyday uncertainty. The Futurama Fry meme uses a photographic still of Fry squinting his eyes, from one of the episodes of Futurama TV show. Not sure if you will check all the fifteen pictures, or quit after checking a few! Trust us these will be fun and hilarious as we have chosen the best of the best of them!
1.Ugly Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook Meme

This is indeed a tricky situation! On a positive note, you will be happy that your ex now looks ugly. The definite downside of it is that you may feel embarrassed for dating her in the first place! Perhaps, the good thing to do in this sort of situation is to forget that your ex exists and move on with your life. Never try to stalk your exes on Facebook! There's always the risk of accidentally liking their pictures or sending a friend request! That's even worse, and you are going to hate yourself for doing that.

Ugly Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook Meme-15 Funniest "Not Sure If" Futurama Fry Memes

2.Today's Kids Are Retarded

Not sure if Today's kids are retarded? Well, some of them really are.

Today's Kids Are Retarded-15 Funniest "Not Sure If" Futurama Fry Memes

3.Is the other person being sarcastic?

Yeah it's really hard sometimes to find if he/she being sarcastic or just being nice.

Is the other person being sarcastic?-15 Funniest "Not Sure If" Futurama Fry Memes

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