15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:08 am
By:James Fraser

Bizarre themed weddings are quite popular nowadays. A wedding is unarguably one of the life's most beautiful moments. Couples remember those happy moments for a very long time. No wonder they put a lot of effort to make their wedding day special. We keep getting wedding invitations throughout the year from our friends, coworkers or family members. Most weddings are formal, and the couples don't try to do anything extraordinary. However, a few couples do it the other way. They choose bizarre wedding themes just to stand out. Have you ever attended such strange weddings? No? Check these 15 most bizarre themed weddings ever!
4.Game of Thrones Theme

When you can’t afford a Game of Throne stage, but still want to marry in GoT style, at least wear GoT T-shirts like these groomsmen. The T-Shirts look good. We wonder why the bride decided to dress normally and be so boring.
Game of Thrones Theme-15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever


5.Alice in WeddingLand

Yes, you are seeing a bride walking down a rabbit hole with carrot in hand. This is not only a bizarre but an interesting wedding theme, as it takes an enormous amount of time and effort, to create a rabbit hole. The man who was dressed in green must be the groom.
Alice in WeddingLand -15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever


6.Zombie Wedding

Everyone who wants to marry in unique style will contemplate getting married as a zombie, but will ultimately give up, for many reasons. There are only a few couples that will dare to marry in this scary and bizarre fashion, like the couple in the image. They look truly scary, right?
Zombie Wedding-15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever