15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

Fear selfies, not sharks. Now, deaths caused by selfies are more in number than deaths caused by sharks. Selfies have gained popularity throughout the world in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, today, selfies are being used as a medium to express narcissism, and expose stupidity. There are people who took selfies with their dead relatives or friends. Here we have people who killed themselves taking a selfie.
10.Edwin, India

Edwin was yet another teenager from India who fell victim to selfie madness. Edwin wanted a selfie with a moving train on his back to post on his Facebook wall. He was hit by train and was severely injured, as he failed to judge speed of the train. Onlookers rushed him to nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Edwin, India-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

11.Jadial El Tsunami, Puerto Rico

Jadial El Tsunami (Puerto Rico native) was a popular musician from New York, who had fans in many countries. He posted this selfie of him on his Facebook wall moments before he lost balance of his motorcycle and crashed into a car. His last status message on his Facebook read as 'Me Descontrolo', which means 'I lose control' in English.

Jadial El Tsunami, Puerto Rico-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

12.Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald, US

Collete Moreno and Ashley Theobald from Missouri were best friends. Collette Moreno, who was about to get married then, threw a bachelorette party to all her friends. Ashley Theobald, friend of Collete Moreno was driving her to the party. As you can see from the image, the two friends were taking selfies moments before they had a head-on collision with another vehicle. Ashley Theobald survived the accident with minor injuries, while her friend Collette was dead from her injuries.

Collette Moreno and Ashley Theobald, US-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies