15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

Fear selfies, not sharks. Now, deaths caused by selfies are more in number than deaths caused by sharks. Selfies have gained popularity throughout the world in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, today, selfies are being used as a medium to express narcissism, and expose stupidity. There are people who took selfies with their dead relatives or friends. Here we have people who killed themselves taking a selfie.
7.Cheynee Holloway, UK

This is yet another tragic story. Cheynee Holloway was a South African girl who fell in love with James Nicholas, a 23 year old man from UK. They met each other online. James Nicholas traveled to South Africa to meet his girlfriend. The couple visited a rocky place to take some photographs. While taking photos, Cheynee slipped, lost her balance and fell down from a cliff. James immediately called in for emergency medical help, but she was dead by the time medical team arrived.

Cheynee Holloway, UK-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

8.Courtney Sanford, US

Taking selfies while driving is as dangerous as driving under influence. This incident that happened in High Point, North Carolina tells us how dangerous it is to take selfies while driving. Courtney Sanford, 32, had a head-on collision with a truck, which caused her death. Friends of her found status messages and selfies of her in her Facebook, moments before the collision happened.

Courtney Sanford, US-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies

9.Xenia Ignatyeva, Russia

She was an 18 year old girl who died from a freak selfie accident. She climbed onto a railway bridge to take an adventurous selfie of her. Unfortunately, she fell down from railway bridge. While falling, she touched electrical wires to protect herself from falling down. She died from electric shock, and her body fell 30 feet down from bridge.

Xenia Ignatyeva, Russia-15 Deaths Caused By Selfies