12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 1:17 pm
By:James Fraser

Women have to be the most mysterious living beings on Earth. It is hard to understand them, and every man who tried to do that never really had any success. The legend says there's no point knowing a woman, and no so-called chick magnet guy in the world has done that either. Most girls prefer to keep their inner self to them and don't reveal it to even the person they like the most. Hey, do you know what kind of secrets and fantasies women hide in their heart? If not, you need to read them right now. But before you get down to reading them, let us tell you, these are just fantasies, they are like wild imaginations we get when we are bored, That doesn't mean they want to do all these in real life. Find out more about fantasies most women have but won't admit!
10.A Threesome

Women are known for being jealous, but do you know that many of them don't mind having an extra partner in bed just for fun? Even guys find the idea of threesome sexually enticing, not just girls. It may sound good for you if you are a guy, but don't be happy right away and ask your girl for a threesome! Most girls prefer a male partner in a threesome session, so if you are dreaming to bang two p*ssies at the same time, it may not happen, and you will probably wake up with a bad pain in the butt the next day!

A Threesome-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

11.Rape Fantasy

Rape is a terrible thing, and no woman in the world deserves to go through the excruciating physical and psychological pain of being raped. This may come as a surprise, but many women, especially those under the age of 30, deeply fantasize about being raped. Rape is a very common sexual fantasy among women, and studies prove that more than 70% of the girls have that. Many girls dream about being raped, forced to do fellatio, and even sodomized by a complete stranger! A weird fantasy, isn't it? Again, It's just a fantasy, not something they really want to do, so, guys! Please, DO NOT take this as a hint and go raping women. We already have a bad name for ourselves because of some crazy people.

Rape Fantasy-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit

12.Love For Boobs

Men love boobs, and it isn't a big deal. Girls love boobs as well, and they don't want to miss the opportunity to stare at, touch, or caress another pair of breasts if they get an opportunity. Girls secretly fantasize about other girls they know. Two male best friends may never know what the other guy looks down there, but the chances are very high that two female best friends might have had fun at some point. Well, many studies say so, and we aren't making up things here! To conclude, many girls secretly admire the sexy bodies of their friends or coworkers and fantasize about having lesbian sex with them!

Love For Boobs-12 Sexual Fantasies Women Have But Won't Admit