Weirdest Public Phone Booths

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:24 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Call the blue rooster!!

This is taking a normal phone booth and transforming it into something that you would never have thought about yourself. Does it work by making it look like a rooster? Probably not, but hey as long as the phone works surely that is the main thing?

Call the blue rooster!!-Weirdest Public Phone Booths


Well these guys are rather blue. The overall design is very strange and unusual and in actual fact they are quite off-putting and slightly creepy. You would certainly not want to use them at night in case they came alive and interrupted your call.

Twins-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

3.Is that a monkey lion?

Who knows what is actually happening with this phone booth because it looks more like a cross between a monkey, a lion, and some kind of human body. It is certainly different and the chances are you would feel slightly strange when you stick your head into its guts in order to make a call.

Is that a monkey lion?-Weirdest Public Phone Booths


Underneath all of that knitting is a normal phone booth just waiting to get out. It looks as if people have decided that it must be cold in the winter, so they have knitted some phone booth clothes, but in all honesty it just ends up looking rather strange more than anything else.

Knitted?-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

5.Talk to Homer

Yes the people behind this phone booth have taken the fact that it is yellow and applied Homer Simpson to it and you have to congratulate them on being so creative. You can bet that a number of other locations that have a similar phone booth must be looking at this and thinking that they should do something similar.

Talk to Homer-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

6.The brain game

Yep this phone booth has been designed to look like a brain and once again it is quite a cool way of using an existing shape and turning it from something boring into something rather interesting to look at. Sure it means it is a bit strange putting your head inside a brain, but who cares?

The brain game-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

7.A stinging phone booth

Well this is certainly different because you do not see this kind of phone booth everywhere do you? These bees are certainly not going to put you off sticking your head in there since you know they are not real, but what a good way to use the space and turn it into something that is more visually appealing.

A stinging phone booth-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

8.The fun booth

The only problem that this phone booth has is that it looks like a pop up booth rather than just a normal one that has had different things wrapped around it. However, it is bright, it is colorful, and as long as you can get over the fact it looks like you are going to a fortune teller, then you can still use it.

The fun booth-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

9.What the?

Is this a phone booth or is it a work of art? There is so much going on here that you would probably rather stand back and admire it than use it. The guy in the photograph has no idea what to touch next and that is going to be the reaction of most people.

What the?-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

10.Swallowed by a shark

Well this is certainly a bit strange, but at the same time it is also quite creative when you see how they have used the shape of the phone booth to great effect. As you see it does then give the impression that you have stuck your head inside the mouth of the shark, so other people will always get a laugh when you are talking to someone.

Swallowed by a shark-Weirdest Public Phone Booths


Yes this phone booth does also contain goldfish, but do not worry as there is space for you in there without you getting wet. They all exist in a special layer that goes around inside the door, so you get in without encountering them, but it does give you the impression that you are in a fish tank.

Goldfish-Weirdest Public Phone Booths

12.Ice one!!

OK so this phone booth will not work when you are in the sun, but for somewhere such as Alaska it is very effective and rather creative at the same time. This is of course just a seasonal phone booth, but it does what it is supposed to do and lets face it that is going to be the main thing.

Ice one!!-Weirdest Public Phone Booths



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