Weirdest Names

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 9:23 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Made up?

Surely this name is made up or else the parents of this kid need to be slapped about a bit until they see sense. Imagine having to walk around with this name for your entire life? How much would you hate your parents for having done this to you?

Made up?-Weirdest Names

2.Poor General

This guy needs to command so much respect, but surely that is made a lot harder by the fact that he is indeed called Arse Biscuites. You can imagine the new recruits trying to keep a straight face when they are introduced to him and how many then fail to do so?

Poor General-Weirdest Names

3.An interesting doctor

Well if your doctor had this name it would certainly make you feel a bit easier about going to see him as you would be too busy sniggering at it to worry about what was wrong. Surely in this instance you would drop using your initials and just focus on the Hardick part?

An interesting doctor-Weirdest Names

4.One step too far

This is just one step too far when it comes to a name because who would ever think of having Jesus c0ndom as a combination? The parents here must have been drunk at the time and no wonder the kid is not smiling in his yearbook photograph.

One step too far-Weirdest Names

5.Woman love this guy

Surely women love this guy with a name like that? First the last name is not that common, so somebody must be making a joke by ensuring that his first name is indeed Mike.

Woman love this guy-Weirdest Names

6.Sounds kinky

This name sounds kinky, but once again it is something that we only find strange and funny in English speaking countries, so back in China this name is completely normal. However, that fact does not stop us from having some fun ourselves.

Sounds kinky-Weirdest Names


Well this guy clearly went and got his name changed on purpose and decided to go for something that was just plain stupid and boy did he succeed. However, it does then conjure up an image in your mind of a panda disco dancing.

Seriously?-Weirdest Names

8.Is his brother called Skinny?

OK so this name will not mean anything in the language it originally comes from, but boy do we laugh and snigger at it in English speaking countries. Imagine getting in a taxi with this guy as you can then tell your friends you were with a Phat Ho.

Is his brother called Skinny?-Weirdest Names

9.Moe, Moe, Moe

Well this did not take much to work out what was weird about the name as it is right there in front of you when you say it out loud. Surely you would look at changing your first name in order to prevent having this?

Moe, Moe, Moe-Weirdest Names

10.Is this a request?

This name sounds more like a request than anything else, but you have to admit that it is still very unfortunate for the guy. It is no wonder that he has grown his hair and a beard in order to try to blend into the background thanks to having this name.

Is this a request?-Weirdest Names

11.Prefer Mr Goff

Of course this name is unintentionally hilarious and you bet that he does not use his full name all of the time to stop people from laughing out loud. Once again you need to question the sanity of his parents although back at that time it probably did not mean that much.

Prefer Mr Goff-Weirdest Names

12.Mr Head to you

Well this is an unfortunate name especially when you are in the army and people need to be able to respect you. What was actually going through the head of his parents when they decided to give him this name? Did they not realize it would cause problems?

Mr Head to you-Weirdest Names



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