Weirdest Houses In The World

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 6:29 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Cubism gone mad

This has been designed by somebody that loves a right angle, or the alternative is that they loved playing with Lego bricks as a child. You feel as if a strong breeze would just blow it over and it must be horrible being on the end knowing there is nothing under you. Who would want to actually live in this house?

Cubism gone mad-Weirdest Houses In The World

2.The pillar house

Yes this really is a house on a pillar. Obviously the view at the top must be pretty good, but it is just too vertical and strange looking to actually work. It looks like a tsunami has lifted the house from somewhere else and just sat it there and people thought it was a good idea??

The pillar house-Weirdest Houses In The World

3.Leaning homes

There appears to be something about Asia and strange buildings as this is another one where the designer has pretty much been given free range to do what they want. At least there is some symmetry going on here, but it still screws up your eyes and you hope that things are level inside for the poor people that have to go in this rather strange building.

Leaning homes-Weirdest Houses In The World

4.The foam house

This house is intended to look like foam has spread all over the place and it does result in something that looks pretty weird to say the least. This type of house really is unique and it is certainly a different way of living, but what inspires somebody to create a foam house in the first place? Is it some strange fetish we do not know about?

The foam house-Weirdest Houses In The World

5.The dog lover

It is probably quite easy to work out the breed of dog that this person loves although you do wonder what the smaller one is all about as it certainly isn't the garage. It is also quite worrying that you appear to enter the dog from behind although it would be difficult to work out how to get inside on any part that does not look strange or obscene.

The dog lover-Weirdest Houses In The World

6.The snail

Well isn't this colorful? How much must you love snails in order to get a building like this? It really is quite artistic although how practical it is must be up for some debate. The snail also looks quite sad, so perhaps it hates the color scheme that was picked out for it as that would surely make anybody mad or depressed.

The snail-Weirdest Houses In The World

7.The warped house

This photograph is actually real and it has not been distorted with Photoshop. The actual design is this warped effect and it does result in your eyes screaming out for the image to just straighten up. Perhaps the architect forgot how to draw a straight line and he was pushed for time? What does it even look like inside??

The warped house-Weirdest Houses In The World

8.Upside down?

Is this house upside down or what is actually going on with it? Clearly it is some pretty clever design, but you have no idea where you are at any point. Did the roof fall off the drawing and the builders did not notice until they thought something was looking a bit strange? This house really is a mystery.

Upside down?-Weirdest Houses In The World

9.The pyramid house

It is one thing having a fascination with ancient Egypt, but it is something completely different when you go ahead and build a house that resembles a pyramid. However, in this photo surely it is the statue at the side that is the scariest? This house means they have more money than sense although that would not take much in all honesty.

The pyramid house-Weirdest Houses In The World

10.The kettle house

Yes, this house really does resemble a kettle drum with a lid on it. It is certainly not the most pleasant of houses to look at, but there is something about it that just makes you want to stare at it for longer in order to work out just what is going on. Just what makes somebody want to live in a house like this??

The kettle house-Weirdest Houses In The World

11.The inversion house

If ever there is a house that is going to mess with your mind, then it has to be this one. This is like the worlds biggest jigsaw puzzle gone mad and it really does confuse your eyes from start to finish. Even just designing it must have been an absolute nightmare, but fair play to the people behind it as it really is going to be unique.

The inversion house-Weirdest Houses In The World

12.The shoe house

This house, for some reason, actually looks quite cool although you would struggle to live in it. It does remind you of the nursery rhyme about a woman living in a shoe, so for that reason it is a little bit freaky. You do wonder what the architect thought when somebody asked for them to design a shoe though.

The shoe house-Weirdest Houses In The World

13.Jenga gone mad

Jenga is of course a game that can enthrall and frustrate, but that is clearly the inspiration for these houses. Which one would you love to live in? Probably none unless you have a fascination with the game and always wanted to live in a strange house.

Jenga gone mad-Weirdest Houses In The World

14.The house with facial hair

At what point do you decide that you want your house to have facial hair? After that what does it take for somebody to then decide it should have a yellow hat and eyebrows as well? Imagine walking home from a bar at night and seeing this looking back at you? How freaked out would you be?

The house with facial hair-Weirdest Houses In The World

15.Its all about the angles

In architecture it is often all about the angles, but clearly the person behind this house had a bit too much to drink the previous night resulting in this. It actually plays tricks with the mind when you look at it and even though it may not be a house, although it could be, it still deserves to be on here.

Its all about the angles-Weirdest Houses In The World



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