Weirdest Eating Utensils

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 5:09 pm
By:Tony Williams


This may appear wacky, but if you love to go camping you are going to enjoy owning this kitchen utensil Swiss army knife inspired tool. It fits nicely in your pocket and it will then allow you to eat whatever you want.

Multi-tool-Weirdest Eating Utensils

2.Finger food

Finger food can be interesting, so how about making it even more interesting by using this rather cool piece of equipment. There are various ones available that just slide onto your finger and it is then up to you to do the rest.

Finger food-Weirdest Eating Utensils

3.Animal corn

Eating corn can be tricky, so how about making life easier with these animal inspired corn on the cob holders? At least it gives you something else to hold onto and they are going to be cool to use not only with kids, but with adults as well.

Animal corn-Weirdest Eating Utensils


4.Green utensils

OK so you think metal is bad? How about the greenest utensils you will ever see in your life? Yes that is a twig at the bottom and yes that is a bit of plastic for the actual utensil part and you just know that it is also going to be recycled.

Green utensils-Weirdest Eating Utensils


There is a good chance that if you are a grown man you will be looking at this and wishing it had been around when you were a kid. Everybody knows how you play airplanes with children when getting them to eat and this is certainly no exception.

Planes-Weirdest Eating Utensils

6.The pen utensil

This is very wacky, but at the same time the person that came up with the idea really did have a genius moment. You can see this being used in offices around the world as people sit and have their salad at their desk without having to worry about not having the correct utensils ever again.

The pen utensil-Weirdest Eating Utensils


This is certainly weird, but you can also see how it can be very useful as a tool and if you love finger food, or Asian, then this is something you can easily use on a number of occasions. The chork just sounds funny though, but what else would you call it?

Chork-Weirdest Eating Utensils


Design is a good thing, but there has to be a limit as to how and when it goes beyond what is useful with this being a prime example. They are sitting there like three Russian dolls more than being a practical eating utensil.

Groovy-Weirdest Eating Utensils

9.A comb?

Why you would use this is unknown because you are basically going to be combing your food and surely that can never be a good thing? Instead, how about just using a normal fork rather than this strange contraption?

A comb?-Weirdest Eating Utensils


This is like some strange superhero fingernails thing, but it is actually quite ingenious when you stop and think about it. This is going to allow you to pick up those bits of meat without burning yourself and it does give you a good grip, so it might be weird, but it is at least useful.

Grabber-Weirdest Eating Utensils

11.Prong thingy

This is like some kind of strange litter picker type of eating instrument and perhaps the popcorn in the background is a clue as to what this is going to be best used for. In some ways you can see how it would indeed be useful to own this, but surely your fingers are better?

Prong thingy-Weirdest Eating Utensils


This may initially seem weird, but at the same time you can understand why somebody has decided to come up with a construction vehicles set of eating utensils. This is clearly to make it more fun for a child to eat, but surely there are also going to be some adults that are secretly jealous?

Construction-Weirdest Eating Utensils



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