Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 2:34 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Botticelli's Beautifully Weird Shape

By today's standards Botticelli would have a 'weird' body shape. In those days this shape was considered absolutely beautiful and feminine. It seems as though a section of the population is moving back to that old shape and the admiration of it.

Botticelli's Beautifully Weird Shape-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

2.Flaunt It?

Some people are just not the shape that we expect them to be, in any way. Either way, it could be a case of 'If you have got it, flaunt it'?

Flaunt It?-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have


People try to put body shapes into categories, like apple, pear or triangle. This is definitely an upside down triangle? With an oblong thrown in.

Odd-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have


4.Wearing Whatever You Feel Like

Sometimes people care less about balance and proportion and wear whatever they like when they like. This photograph is a prime example of this because nothing is actually that flattering when you stop and think about it.

Wearing Whatever You Feel Like-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have


Sometimes working out can go a little too far and you start to look a bit odd? You have to admit that this guy has just taken things a bit too seriously because now it looks like some alien is bursting out of him.

Overdone-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

6.Bottom Heavy Male

Not the most standard shape for men, which by the way, is supposed to be top heavy not bottom heavy. This just goes to show how common other shapes are.

Bottom Heavy Male-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

7.Bottom Heavy Female

Remember when a larger derrière was not desirable? Now they are so desirable that people are getting surgery to make them larger. This young women was injected by a con man claiming to be a Doctor. He used cement.

Bottom Heavy Female-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

8.Top Heavy

It is said that proportion and balance creates aesthetics and this is pleasing to the eye. Why then, is this out of balance body considered beautiful? Sometimes theory falls flat. Some might find this very pleasing, whilst other might find it strange.

Top Heavy-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

9.Unnatural Body Shapes

It has long been said that Barbie the doll's body shape is so unnatural that if she were real and she would not be able to walk due to her proportions. Here Valeriva Lukyanova shows off her attempt as Barbie's body. Her life ambition is to become Barbie. With the help of surgery and good make-up she is achieving that goal. Does she look normal to you? If so, this could be concern for alarm.

Unnatural Body Shapes-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

10.A Matter Of Proportion

Oddly or strangely shaped bodies could be just simply something we are not used to? Media has a pretty strict set body shape to make us acceptable. This guy has a massive back and smaller lower body. It takes all shapes to make this world and non should be harshly judged unless they mess with our health. Then it is simply 'caring'.

A Matter Of Proportion-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

11.Miss Jung's Tiny Waist

Some people skip the photo-shopping and instead spend a lifetime reshaping their own bodies. By the use of corsets and other devices she has attained the smaller waist in the world. At what cost though? She seems to be in good health. To many this appears deformed, but to her and her husband it is the epitome of beauty.

Miss Jung's Tiny Waist-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have

12.Let's Start With So Called Not So Weird bodies

In terms of people having strange body shapes, it might be pertinent to place a photo-shopped image as a kick-off point. Yes, this was used in advertising. Most photographs of women are photo-shopped. If you take the measurement proportions of their bodies they are actually deformed in the photograph, but we have gotten so used to them we no longer notice it.

Let's Start With So Called Not So Weird bodies-Weirdest Body Shapes People Have



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