Weird Philias Humans Have

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 9:58 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Stegophilia - Love Of Climbing Buildings

Spider man probably suffered from stegophilia, the love of climbing buildings. Lucky for him, he had hands that shot webs to help him in his efforts. For other people, this philia could have disastrous consequences, such as falling many stories to their death. If you have this disorder, maybe window cleaning is a job for you.

Stegophilia - Love Of Climbing Buildings-Weird Philias Humans Have

2.Sacrophilia - Love Of Flesh

Well most people have love of the flesh, but it depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to caress it and touch it, then that's healthy, but if you want to sniff it and maybe even eat it, then there's a problem. Any obsession is something that might get you into trouble.

Sacrophilia - Love Of Flesh-Weird Philias Humans Have

3.Palaeophilia - Love Of Dinosaurs

Unfortunately for people with palaeophilia, they have no outlet for their desire for dinosaurs. They have been extinct for thousands of years. It's odd where this attraction may have come from because they have never really been in contact with these prehistoric creature. Maybe social studies class is to blame.

Palaeophilia - Love Of Dinosaurs-Weird Philias Humans Have


4.Ombrophilia - Love of Rain

I'm only happy when it rains. You may hear some people say this and wonder why. Well they may have ombrophilia. Sounds like maybe they got the word umbrella from this word, but these people love it when it rains. They prefer to live in climates where rain is abundant.

Ombrophilia - Love of Rain-Weird Philias Humans Have

5.Necrophilia - sexual Attraction To Corpses

If you have necrophilia you are attracted to dead bodies in a sexual way. You fantasize about having intercourse with a corpse, and you may even want to try it. Unfortunately, for anyone suffering from this affliction, it is illegal to have sex with a dead body. Thank you to whoever made that law.

Necrophilia - sexual Attraction To Corpses-Weird Philias Humans Have

6.Nanophilia - Love Of Short People

Not everyone likes tall, dark, and handsome, or tall, blond models. There are some who prefer short people, the shorter the better. Those people are said to have nanophilia, which is classified by having an attraction to small people. It doesn't necessarily mean they prefer dwarves or little people, though.

Nanophilia - Love Of Short People-Weird Philias Humans Have

7.Malophilia - Love Of Apples

How much can you really love an apple? Some people really develop a love for apples, all kinds of them. They not only love the taste, but they love to look at them, smell them and feel them. They may have apple scented candles and oils, bake applie pies and have a bushel of apples always on hand.

Malophilia - Love Of Apples-Weird Philias Humans Have

8.Lygophilia - Love Of Darkness

Those who love to be in the dark, who love the night, and who feel more energized by darkness, are said to have lygophilia. These people may be nocturnal by nature, or have developed a love for the darkness through experience. These types of people come alive when it's dark.

Lygophilia - Love Of Darkness-Weird Philias Humans Have

9.Gerontophilia - sexual Attraction Toward the Elderly

Not everyone thinks that grandma is over the hill. In fact, some people are attracted to the elderly. Those afflicted with gerontophilia prefer elderly people as their sexual partner, even if they, themselves, are young. Who's to say that there is anything wrong with that, as long are both parties are consenting.

Gerontophilia - sexual Attraction Toward the Elderly-Weird Philias Humans Have

10.Hirsutophilia - Love Of Hairy Men

Hairy men need love too. People with Hirsutophilia prefer hairy men. It's the most mild of the philias, and more of an attraction preference over men without hair on their bodies. Some people view men that are hairy as more manly, while others see them as more beast like in appearance.

Hirsutophilia - Love Of Hairy Men-Weird Philias Humans Have

11.Coprophilia - sexual Pleasure From Feces

People with coprophilia get excited when they are in contact with feces. It is a sexual fetish where they like to touch it, smell it, and even taste it. Most of you are probably grimacing right now, but it does exist. Some people with this disorder, get excitement from moving their bowels.

Coprophilia - sexual Pleasure From Feces-Weird Philias Humans Have

12.Acrotomophilia - Love Of Amputees

If you have acrotomophilia you are strongly attracted to amputees. Most people with this disorder prefer those with leg amputations versus arm amputations, maybe because they want the object of their affection to be able to hug them back. As strange as this sounds, people who are amputees might find it comforting to know that people still find them attractive.

Acrotomophilia - Love Of Amputees-Weird Philias Humans Have



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