Weird Laws In Virginia

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:21 am
By:Tony Williams

1.No Trick Or Treating On Halloween

In Virginia there is a law on the books stating that you cannot trick or treat on Halloween. You may do it any other time of year, just not on Halloween. How this law came about is unknown, but isn't Halloween the only night that people go trick or treating?

No Trick Or Treating On Halloween-Weird Laws In Virginia

2.No Beating Your Wife On The Courthouse Steps After 8pm

You must not beat your wife. This law in Virginia should end there, but no, there's more. You must not beat your wife on the courthouse steps after 8pm. So it's legal to beat your wife on the courthouse steps as long as you do it before the clock strikes 8 in the evening, and as long as you're on the courthouse steps.

No Beating Your Wife On The Courthouse Steps After 8pm-Weird Laws In Virginia

3.No Flipping A Coin In A Restaurant

If you're at a restaurant and want to decide who pays the bill, or who leaves the tip, you might flip a coin. Well, if you're at a restaurant in Virginia, think twice. It is against the law to flip a coin in a restaurant in Virginia. Yep, that act strictly prohibited. Strange but true.

No Flipping A Coin In A Restaurant-Weird Laws In Virginia

4.No Person Of Color Allowed Outside After 7PM

This has to be an old law that's been on the books in Virginia, and one that no one has revisited. It still exists and is astonishing in this day and age. There is no doubt that this law is not enforced, but the fact that it is still on record as a law in that state speaks volumes.

No Person Of Color Allowed Outside After 7PM-Weird Laws In Virginia

5.No sex Unless Married

Seems Virginia is cutting down on single people having sex. Unless you are married, you could be arrested for having sexual intercourse. Maybe they are hoping it will cause more people to marry, but how do they know if you were to do it in the privacy of your own home?

No sex Unless Married-Weird Laws In Virginia

6.No Cussing About Anyone

You are not allowed to cuss about anyone in Virginia. Make sure to get the official list of words that are considered cuss words before uttering them about someone, or you end up in jail It seem that it's okay to cuss at someone, but just not about someone, because that's gossip and just not right.

No Cussing About Anyone-Weird Laws In Virginia

7.No Anal sex

You are not allowed to have anal sex in Virginia either. Seems like there are only certain sexual things you can do in that state, but if you must have anal sex, be very quiet and be very discreet. Don't get caught in the act, because besides embarrassment you could get arrested.

No Anal sex-Weird Laws In Virginia

8.No Oral sex

There is no oral sex allowed in Virginia. So the next time you decide to partake in such activity, think twice and then think again. If you want to take the risk and commit this crime, make sure you stay quiet and do it in hiding. You may think your own bedroom is private, but apparently not.

No Oral sex-Weird Laws In Virginia

9.No Skunks As Pets

As much as you may love to have a skunk as a pet, they are not allowed to be kept as pets in Virginia. Even if their stinkers are removed, you will be arrested for having one. With the growing population choosing skunks as pets, over dogs and cats, there could be a lot of jailed offenders. Insert sarcasm here.

No Skunks As Pets-Weird Laws In Virginia

10.No Washing A Mule On The Sidewalk

If your mule is dirty, please don't stop and wash it on the sidewalk in Virginia. This is against the law, so you are better off to keep your mule dirty, or wash the animal in your own backyard, bathtub, or shower. We know you prefer a clean mule, but be careful.

No Washing A Mule On The Sidewalk-Weird Laws In Virginia

11.No Tickling Women

You are not allowed to tickle women in Virginia. Yep, if you do it, you are breaking the law. So the next time you want to tickle your girlfriend, daughter, sister or friend, think twice. Ask yourself if it's worth it. Are you willing to do the time for taking the risk and doing the crime?

No Tickling Women-Weird Laws In Virginia

12.No sex With The Lights On

In Virginia you are not allowed to have sex with the lights on. All sexual encounters must be done in the dark only, or you could be subject to arrest. How the police know whether you turn the lights off or not, is raise for concern. Seems like we have some peeping tom-cops in Virginia.

No sex With The Lights On-Weird Laws In Virginia



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