Ugliest Face Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 7:22 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Dog paw face tat

All of this facial art had to hurt. However, the big question has to be regarding the blue paw that is on his left cheek as it just does not seem to blend in with the rest of the 'theme' going on over the rest of his head. It's almost like his child asked him to do it thanks to their favorite bear.

Dog paw face tat-Ugliest Face Tattoos

2.Ice Cream fan

At what point in your life do you decide to get what basically looks like an ice cream cone on your face? Do you love this sweet treat that much that you want one carved on your right cheek? Surely the person that did it must have felt like asking them if they were serious?

Ice Cream fan-Ugliest Face Tattoos

3.Face and scalp tat

You get the feeling that the tattoo artist had too much green ink and wanted rid of it and this guy happily obliged. It must have taken hours to do all of this, but why the green base? None of it makes sense and it is difficult to even imagine the message he is trying to put across apart from one that says, I had too much time on my hands and this is what happened.

Face and scalp tat-Ugliest Face Tattoos


4.monocle tat?

This may not be one of the ugliest, but for some reason the picture is just so funny and there is so much to say about it. First, it looks like he decided to have a tattoo of a monocle and then went a bit mad, but you get the feeling that he is permanently stoned and probably thinks it is just drawn on with a pen. If he ever lands back on this planet he could be in for a bit of a shock.

monocle tat?-Ugliest Face Tattoos

5.Bus or bug

You get the feeling that under all of those tattoos there is a really nice girl waiting to get out. The side shot actually looks painful here and that really is not a good look to have and you just know that as she gets older she is going to regret every part of that. You cannot even read what it says!!

Bus or bug-Ugliest Face Tattoos

6.Hello kitty fan

If you like something such as Hello Kitty, then there are so many different products out there that you can buy in order to show your love. At no point should you feel that the only way you can do this is to have not one, but three tattoos on your face all connected to this one character. Good job they only chose something with a head as a logo.

Hello kitty fan-Ugliest Face Tattoos

7.Pop $ face tat

Oh dear. Yes there does appear to be a craze for more women to have tattoos, but surely she has gone a bit too far with this attempt? She seems to have the odd flower and all kinds of things going on, then the POPS part at the bottom just confuses you. Whatever the message is that she was trying to portray it has certainly gone wrong.

Pop $ face tat-Ugliest Face Tattoos

8.Arc face tattoo

Where do you begin with this look? It looks like he fell asleep on something and it burnt his face like this and the photograph is actually his insurance claim. He seems to have different things on top of one another as if he was not happy with the first part, so got something else added and was still not happy with it. Where will it all end?

Arc face tattoo-Ugliest Face Tattoos

9.Flag face tat

This has to be one of the most colorful faces you will ever see and obviously he is proud to be English thanks to having the England football team badge on his head. There has to be a story behind the different things, but his face just looks a mess whereas at least the chess board face guy had some kind of symmetry and order going on.

Flag face tat-Ugliest Face Tattoos

10.Chess face

This is what happens when you become too obsessed with chess and take it one step too far. You get the feeling just by looking at his eyes that he was high when he had this done and has still not even realized what has gone on. One thing, the artist has done a fantastic job of getting the squares to be pretty much the same size, so fair play to them.

Chess face-Ugliest Face Tattoos

11.Puzzle face tat

At least with this guy he can pretend that he is a jigsaw puzzle if he is bored, but how he rearranges the pieces is another question. How boring must it have been to sit there in the chair and have this done to you? How do you even suggest to the tattoo artist that you want a jigsaw on your face? Apologies if he is not a real person and is just some kind of 3D puzzle.

Puzzle face tat-Ugliest Face Tattoos

12.Crazy Eyed glasses

If this is not the ugliest, then it has to be the scariest thanks to those glasses. There is quite a lot going on here and it is a very strange look for somebody with gray hair and who should ultimately know better. Maybe the glasses were used to draw attention to him since people were obviously ignoring all of the face art?

Crazy Eyed glasses-Ugliest Face Tattoos

13.Teddy Boy

Being part of a gang is one thing, but at what point do you start having a woman put on your face? It's also worthwhile pointing out that thanks to his hairstyle the tattoo saying Teddy Boy was not actually required.

Teddy Boy-Ugliest Face Tattoos

14.Ads face

This guy actually sold space on his face for advertising and ended up with all of this artwork spread quite liberally over his head. This business plan would not do too well on Shark Tank and surely since he now wants rid of them he is going to lose more money having them taken off with a laser than he ever made in the first place?

Ads face-Ugliest Face Tattoos

15.Full face and lip piercing

The one thing you can say about this guy is that he has dedicated himself to the idea of having a facial tattoo, but surely somebody could have stopped him? You do wonder which part he did first or even what he looked like before it, but the big question has to does he eat??

Full face and lip piercing-Ugliest Face Tattoos



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